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Aug 22, 2007 05:00 AM

ISO malted milk powder

Can anyone tell me where i can find malted milk powder, not ovaltine, but the stuff to make good old fashion chocolate malteds...I remember carnation used to have a malted milk powder, but that was eons ago, and i hav'nt seen anything recently. thanks lb

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  1. I wouldn't go out of your way to search out an asian grocery store, but if you happen to be near one, you should check it out. There is always the standard Horlicks and Ovaltine mix, but sometimes they have Carnation brand too.

    1. Here is an old thread discussing exactly what you're looking for:

      1. It's on the shelf at my local ACME market. I wanted a malted milk shake.

        1. I got some from a chocolate factory in Grimsby (near Hamilton) called Monks Chocolates last Christmas. They do not sell it in the store but the manager sold me a couple of pounds in a bucket. This is the real stuff.

          1. You want Horlicks. Most Asian stores have it. Some supermarkets also. Possibly at a bulk store.

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              Picked up a jar of Horlicks at of all places No Frills at Carlaw and Gerrard St. E.
              $4.99 a jar. It will last me a loooong time.
              Yes, I shop at No Frills, Food Basics and other places where I can get a deal.
              Meat and Produce are where I go to higher end shops.


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                Thanks for all the suggestions...Poorboy, i got a jar of Horlicks at Carlaw and Gerrard No frills too...of course i shop there, im not going to buy my Cptn Crunch (just kidding) at Pusiteries although i have seen people doing just that. Made chocolate malts at home this long weekend...MMMM MMMM good, just like i remember them.

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                  (OT - that No Frills at Carlaw/Gerrard was a pleasant surprise for me when I went in for the first time a couple of months ago. Bright, clean, produce looked nice, and best of all a good selection of Herdez mexican foods - chiles in adobo, different styles of salsa, canned tomatillos etc. It's great to have a source of serviceable Mexican ingredients close to home when I can't get to Kensington. /OT)