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Aug 22, 2007 04:51 AM

Wed Farmer's Markets - City Hall vs. Dewey Sq.?

One week out of four, I have to come in to work at 6:30am on the Wednesday; the good part of this is that I get off for the day at 3. I was toying with the idea of hitting a farmer's market, and trying to decide between City Hall Plaza and Dewey Square. I'm looking for a couple of tomatoes - that's easy anyplace; other than that I'm mostly just browsing. A bonus would be one of the Asian farms like the Hmong stand at the Thursday market in Brookline. Any advice?

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  1. Based on a visit in early July, I'd say that the City Hall Plaza market has more stands and a bit more life. I know that Austin Brothers farm (they raise cattle, hogs, chickens, etc) changed from Dewey Square's monday market to the one in Central Square for lack of business. I don't think the Hmong farmers are at City Hall, but Silverbrook Organics are, and they have a good range of excellent vegetables, including pea shoots (at least earlier in the season they did). Both are nice markets, but at least based on my early season visits I'd give the nod to City Hall Plaza.

    1. I haven't been to the City Hall market, but I'm familiar with Dewey Square and can give you some info. The best stands (IMO) are Siena Farms, Nourse Farms, and McKeown Orchards. Siena has an interesting selection of unusual vegetables, organic and delicious, such as radishes, beets, nice greens and/or arugula, beautiful basil, heirloom tomatoes, dragon lingerie beans, and other exotic things. Kinda pricey but very high quality. Nourse farms has excellent berries, very fresh corn, and great pies. McKeown (I think) has very good peaches. Nourse also has good heirloom tomatoes, possibly for less than at Siena. When Pigs Fly bread company has a stall too, and they let you taste many different kinds of bread, all of which are pretty good, IMO, especially the Sicilian olive and hot pepper. No Hmong or other Asian stand, though.

      1. I think City Hall is much larger...Stillman's w/meat, Freitas, McKeon Orchards.. few bakeries..just got back and didn't notice any Asian vegetables..but didn't look too hard.

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          Dewey is open three days a week, City Hall two. Mondays at Dewey are smaller, but Nourse and When Pigs Fly have done great business on those days, I'm told.
          Today at Dewey, 13 tents were up, about the same at CH, Thursday, about the same, new vendor on Thursdays is Country Harvest Bakery and BPM newsletter ( says that used book collection will take place tomorrow as well. Fitcorp was out doing fitness screening at Dewey and Hood was continuing their hormone-free milk promotion. Bought some gifts from the Fort Point Artists also.

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            City Hall was seeming a bit sparse late yesterday, but I picked up the most beautiful and flavorful heirloom cherry tomatoes.

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              Dewey was pretty limited today.

              6 food vendors..3 bakeries..Iggy's When pigs Fly,and 1 other...produce at McKeown, Nourse, and 1 other place with arugula, lettuce and mostly cut flowers.

              There were a few non food stands too.