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Aug 22, 2007 12:02 AM

SD, party of 8, kid friendly

One lunch and one sit-down dinner, have car. Primarily interested in seafood/Mexican at budget-moderate prices (<$15pp). No Asian (get plenty of that in L.A.).

Lunch: Our past trips to SD have always included El Zarape for their seafood tacos; we'll skip it this time due to recent downhill reports and space limitations. Culled from this board for seafood tacos/sandwiches: El Pescador, Bay Park, Pt. Loma, El Comal, South Beach Bar & Grill.

Dinner: Super Cocina, Arrivederci, Caffe Bella Italia.

Among these suggestions, what do you recommend based on party size and kid-friendliness? Better recs? Also, do any of these serve Stone, Alesmith or similar SD craft beers on tap?


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  1. Lunch: Blue Water Seafood
    Dinner: El Comal...Super Cocina is not really in a nice area for out of towners


    1. South Beach has local craft beer on tap -- Green Flash, Ballast Point and Stone.

      1. Blue Water is a good option for lunch, more kid-friendly than South Beach. They serve a near-complete selection of Ballast Point beer, which is one of San Diego's top craft brewers.

        I'm always a proponent of Super Cocina, however with your interest in craft brew I'd actually suggest you consider Jimmy Carter's Mexican Cafe in Mission Hills. They are kid-friendly (I see lots of families with small children who eat there), have some interesting options, and they're the only Mexican place I've been to that serves local beer - specifically a few of the Stone bottled offerings.

        The beer/food combination is elusive in San Diego - most places serve the standard Bud/Miller/Coors trifecta of awfulness. Some places serve the local but boring Karl Strauss. There are a small number of places I've been that have a good representation of our craft brew scene, but there aren't many kid-friendly options there.

        1. South Beach is definitely a bar first, restaurant second. You might want to check and see if you can bring the kids there.

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            You can bring kids to South Beach prior to 5pm, then it's adults only. I've seen lots of families dining there during the day, and it shouldn't be *quite* as crowded now that many have gone back to school. I always like to go around 2pm - seems to be more seating then.

          2. I hope you have a good trip while you are here.

            Super Cocina is very good, but it also rustic, you eat on paper plates or styrofoam. Not overly kid friendly. A party of 8 would dominate this very small place.

            Mimo's on India street has great italian sandwiches for lunch, and they younger set could even have pasta.

            Point Loma Seafood is good for lunch and they do have beer.

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              I didn't know Point Loma did craft beer. I always remember it as being pretty much the standard macrobrew swill. Which breweries' stuff do they carry?

              1. re: Josh

                They have the regular stuff including Heineken, Anchor Steam, Sierra Nevada.

                1. re: normalheightsfoodie

                  Well that's at least two non-swill options. ;-)

                  No locals though, huh? How quaint!