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Aug 21, 2007 09:55 PM

FARGO... please help with decent dining

I am heading to Fargo this weekend with all the women in my family to see my great grandmother... she is 99... we are looking for one decent dining experience. Every year we have more than plenty of fried food and buffet dining. We try for one good meal out (huge foodies + one 99 year old) but have failed every year.
Please give me any reccs you may have... we must stay in fargo as big drives are out of the question...

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  1. hey their!

    A good place in Fargo is Granite City. Everytime I am in the area I go there. It has always been good.

    1. Take a look at and navigate to HoDo. The restaurant has an excellent reputation and is often mentioned as Fargo's best restaurant and only one comparable with large cities. Is that kind of what you are seeking?

      Granite City is fine for a mid-priced American local chain (think an expanded TGI Friday's menu but with much higher quality) but can be quite crowded and loud (sports on TV hanging in every corner of the restaurant, concrete floors that don't absorb sound). We often dine there with our three kids and enjoy it but it might not be the best "women's night out" spot.

      1. The original comment has been removed