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Aug 21, 2007 09:25 PM

Anyone remember Atlanta's CK's Grilled Pizza?

Some of the best pizza I ever tasted was at CK's Grilled Pizza. It didn't travel well and was not a viable option for to go orders, due to it loosing it's crispy crust during transport...but to have one of their specialty pies right off the grill....hmmmm. They were tremendous, award winning, internationally recognized for their originality and flavor combinations. It's been several years since closign their doors but I still yearn for that melted cheese on the bubbly, light and airy crust.

Does anyone know where they went? They made terrfic pizza, but did not have the ambience or location needed to sustain their customer base.

Any information is most appreciated.


Franklin Smith

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  1. The owner had some personal issues and the place has long since closed. You are correct, it was some of the best pizza anywhere.

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      Thanks for the post - I've always felt CK's was such a missed opportunity - If only Piebar had the pizza these guys used to make...sigh

      I have found a link from an old article in Pizza Magazine - with a few of the original recipes...perhaps I can master the art of grilled pizza at's the link:

      1. re: Franklin Smith

        Here is another link for their Gamberian pizza. It has recipes for the CK's grill oil, tomato sauce and pesto called for in the recipes on PMQ.

        1. re: LabRat

          Thanks LabRat! The Gamerbian is a standout pie! I can't wait to try it at home.