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Aug 21, 2007 09:15 PM

Visiting Scottsdale. Suggestions please!

My husband and I are visiting friends in Scottsdale for over the long weekend. We are staying at the Fairmont Princess. We love Mexican, Tex Mex, Southwestern style food. I searched the boards and see that Cowboy Ciao, and Roaring Fork seem to be favorites. Are there any other restaurants that should not be missed. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Limited options near your hotel. The places you have named are about 12 miles south in Downtown Scottsdale.

    For other choices, see this recent thread:

    1. I would make the drive to Richardson's. End of story. :)

      A recent visitor had nice things to say about it.

      Richardson's Cuisine of New Mexico
      1582 E. Bethany Home Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85016

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      1. re: mamamia

        Totally agree with Richardson's. It's not that far and worth the drive.

        1. re: ajs228

          Me too, and a very easy drive from the Princess, pretty much all expressway.

      2. A lot of recommendations for Richardson's above. I'm in the minority on this board, but I prefer Blue Adobe Grill for New Mexican / Southwestern food. I've eaten only at the Mesa location, but there is another site in North Scottsdale near your hotel. I don't know if the Scottsdale location is as good as the Mesa one, though.

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        1. re: silverbear

          Thanks for your suggestions. We are there for a few nights, so I will probably try Richardsons, Blue Adobe and Cowboy Ciao.

        2. Funny, I love Richardson's too, but I would put Los Sombreros in Old Town Scottsdale ahead of Richardson's for a weekend trip. The puerco in mole verde is out of this world. Make sure you have the guacamole and head there early or late'ish as they don't take reservations - well, either does Richardson's. And if you like hot, I would suggest Los Dos Molinos too!

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          1. re: jcarnie

            richardson's takes reservations, but only for parties of 4 or more....

            1. re: jcarnie

              I haven't been to Los Sombreros since Jeff the chef/owner left, but if it's still holding its own I would give it the nod over RIchardson's, at least for Mexican-inspired food.

              I took the afternoon off today and hit Richardon's for a quiet, relaxed lunch at about 1 pm. There have been conflicting reports about the carne (pork) adovada plate lately, so I wanted to revisit it. I live in the area but have eschewed RIchardson's the last few years because of the difficulty of getting in, and until recently because of the smoke. The smoking law changes that.

              I had the adovada and it is a pretty good deal for $12, not as pricey as some of the other items on the menu. It was a good, solid, savory plate of comfort good -- tender shards of pork bathed in red chili sauce, tender, toothsome pinto beans, and nicely done rice. However, the chili flavor was lacking. My second-to-last forkful picked up some spice; otherwise, it was bland. The beans were pretty good, but the plate might have been better with less cheese melted over it, and I'm ambivalent about the tortilla lining the plate. I love tortillas with this type of food, but the one under the food absorbs sauce that could be mopped up otherwise. I would prefer two tortillas on the side rather than one on the side and one underneath. The side tortilla was very ordinary.

              I will return, mostly to sample the fish specials, even if they are expensive. As for what I had today, it was good, but just not worth a drive across town. I would rate Carlsbad Tavern's version of this kind of plate to be better and more flavorful, and even Arriba at 18th and Camelback does this dish at least as well or better than Richardson's and is a better value.

              I'll eventually try Richardson's adovada again. Maybe because it's a Monday? Maybe it'll be better later in the week? Whatever ...

              1. re: misohungrychewlow

                My wife and I recently visited Phoenix/Scottsdale and dined/reviewed all the restaurants you are considering. You should pull it up and take a look. I don't think you will regret your choices!

                I now see mammamia saved you the trouble of looking my reviews up by providing a link.

                1. re: Raised on Q

                  Thanks for all the recc's. We had 3 days of excellent food. We went to Cowboy Ciao, Elements, and Richardsons for the dinners. Lunch at Food Bar (twice!), and Arcadia Farms. Drinks at the Pink Taco (I used to hate margarita's until I tried this Mango one here), and drinks at Kazmiriez. Will post a full review soon.