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Aug 21, 2007 08:58 PM

Crescent City suggestions?

I will be there next week.

There is not much on the board but hoping something comes about.

Any ideas for dinners? 2 Nights.

A place for lunch on a weekday? A good sandwich place or any idea where 3 people can get in and out in an hour or so.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Any coffee/ coffee shop recommendations in Crescent City, Del Norte?

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    1. re: rln

      I was working in Crescent City this year and ate at the Harbor View Grotto. It was good. It was a typical grotto menu but all competently done. I had fettucini with a wine cream sauce and shrimp and scallops. Just the right amount of wine and the pasta and shimp and scallops were not overcooked.
      Harbor View Grotto
      150 Starfish Way, Crescent City, CA 95531 (707) 464-3815

      We ate lunch at a place out on a pier (The Charthouse?). Not nearly as good as the grotto. They probably can make a good chowder though. I had a calamari sandwich (fried battered calamri on a roll with tartar sauce). The sauce had a distracting flavor that made me nervous, but I was hungry so I ate it (it was fine...I was fine). The calamari was good (not overcooked). Reasonably priced. If I had another choice in town that I knew was decent I would probably not go here, but ,like you, I was not familiar with the place and was on a schedule so I just asked the people we were working with and these are the places they recommended. We ate the continental breakfast at the hotel.

      I'll be going back to Crescent City so if you find anything good or bad please let me know.

      Drive out to Point St George and take a short walk. It's a beautiful spot well worth the short trip.

      1. re: Muncheroo

        I ate at the Chart House for lunch today. It is very busy. We had to wait 25 minutes at 1:30 or so. I wish I had ordered differently. I had the grilled crab sandwich -- generous with crab, but there was so much cheese it took away from it and I found it too rich for my taste. Person with me ordered the Crab Louie salad, and again, abundance of crab. He seemed very pleased with it.

        We had dinner at a Thai restaurant recommended by a colleague, and it was very good. Spring rolls, phad thai, and Fish with Three tastes. All good , and they make it to your preferred heat. We had an order of the flamed banana for dessert-- it was too buttery, not flamed enough. But definitely and pleasing meal.

        Thai House, 105 N St, Crescent City, CA 95531
        (707) 464-2427
        105 N St, Crescent City, CA 95531

        Thanks for the rec, and will report on any other spots.

        1. re: rln

          2 reports to add-

          Lunch - Good Harvest Cafe
          Lots of sandwiches and burgers on the menu. I had the grilled turkey rueben. Ok. Saurkraut was good, skimpy on the turkey pastrami.
          I was with a big group and someone ordered a club sandwich that looked really good. I'd definitely try it again if I were here. Menu is big.

          Dinner- Bistro Gardens on Anchor Way right before the Chart House. The setting is pleasant, has outdoor seating. They have slim wine by the glass menu; good bottle selection.

          Lots of fish on the menu and I should have gone that way. Their specialty is a blue cheese filet so I tried it. I thought it would have blue cheese crumbles but it was covered in a rich sauce all over. It was also coooked well done and I had ordered medium rare. Mashed potatoes were good. For the price point and the quality, I'd try other places before going here but don't know all the options.

          1. re: rln

            I'm going to try the Thai House next time I'm there. The Good Havest Cafe sounds good too. Do they serve breakfast? We ate the continental breakfast at the hotel because we just didn't know anyplace that served breakfast. Crescent City was tough. It didn't seem like there were a lot of places to eat and even less information available on the boards (as you said). We were there for one day and really didn't have time to look for a place. Where have you had breakfast?

            1. re: Muncheroo

              I've had good breakfasts at the Good Harvest, though it's been a couple years. It gets crowded; be warned.

              Co-workers who travel up there frequently have raved about the Thai place, so consider this another second-hand rec.

              1. re: Muncheroo

                I did the same as you-- quick breakfast at the hotel (not good). I'd go to Good Harvest for breakfast.

              2. re: rln

                The link so i can find it easily (i'm in arcata and going to go there for breakfast tomorrow, so trying to figure out exactly where it is). i'll report back.

            2. re: Muncheroo

              I have to agree with you Muncheroo. We were a bit put off by the fried everything at the Charthouse, and ate at the Harbor View Grotto instead. The next time around we ate at the BW Hotel's restaurant...wish we'd insisted on the Grotto (we were with friends).

              Thanks for sharing about the Thai place. Sounds good to me!

              1. re: Muncheroo

                For something different , try this. Take a drive to Fort Dick and look for the only Market in that very small town, you can't miss it. It's just a 15 minute drive from Crescent City and you will be passing the prision in this area that has the "worst of the worst" as they say. I don't recommend stopping there. The country store at Fort Dick harkens back to an era when small towns had stores that had a little of everything and even had a resturant. Don't expect a 5 star thing but do expect really good and tasty food served up by the Ladies that operate the place. Mostly sandwiches and great hamburgers but you can also get a good breakfast if you get there before noon. It's just fun and different and after dining there go through the town going north and you will see the road turn to the right to join 101 to Oregon just up the road, ignore that. If you go straight and take the turn to the left and then go right at the end you will be going toward the Alexander Dairy. If you have kids or adults that are still young at heart be looking to the right as you approach the Dairy and be on the lookout for the small herd of Buffalo and the African cattle with the huge horns. Safe Trip, have fun! "mibpt"

            3. I assume the "Charthouse" comments refer to the "Chartroom" at the harbor. It is like any restaurant. You must order the right stuff. Their fish and chips are the best, period. Their prime rib is great. Veggie lasagna is good, but not so great. It also is actually on the water. It opens at 5am so I recommend the taco omelet or grilled fish and eggs. For locals, the Chartroom is the choice for fish.

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              1. re: Saltwater Jim

                Saltwater Jim,
                is the Chartroom an upstairs dining room? We ate there several years ago, and the "fried everything" was a good description of the menu. I asked the server if the cook could grill the fish, assuming that they had a gas char-grill. The fish got "grilled" on the flattop with lots of griddle lube. The saving grace was the next day we stumbled on Rolf's down the highway. What a phenominal smoked salmon omelette. So sad that he had to close up.

                Does anyone have any recent news to share about Rolf or his sons?

                1. re: toodie jane

                  I heard Rolf's moved to the Little Red School House just down the road about 8 miles. The Chartroom is not a two story place and I do not know of a flame grill in town for fish.

              2. If you're passing through Crescent City and need information on ANYTHING, restaurant or otherwise, stop at Redwood National Park's headquarters/visitor center. Its on 2nd and K St, look for brown park sign but pretty easy to find. They are open 7 days a week, staff is very helpful and they have tons of info on the area. Get a free map and dining guide there. I live here and have eaten just about everywhere. Harbor Grotto and Chart Room are pretty decent, but my hands down favorite is the Beachcomber. Its right on Hwy 101 just south of town, right on the beach. Easily the best view of the ocean (unobstructed), full bar, great menu (the Parmesan halibut is excellent)...but a bit on the higher end pricewise. Call first to check when they're open, I've gone a couple times and they've been closed, but thats typical in the winter. You might want to make reservations in the summer. Toreros makes a great seafood chimichanga, shrimp crab and scallops with monty jack cheese and a really good sauce (can't remember name, sweet and tangy, orange in color). Between Smith River and the Oregon border is a restaurant called The Nautical which is our only 4-5 star true fine dining kind of place. Beautiful place, dramatic ocean view and $100 for 2 people to eat and drink. There aren't too many places that I wouldn't waste the money on. I did have a bad experience at Bistro Gardens though, way overpriced for cheap ingredients and my grilled shrimp tasted like fishy rubber. Beacon Burger next door has excellent two-handed messy burgers and a surprisingly large menu variety for such a small place. They have a couple tables inside, but the picnic tables outside overlook the sea lion dock. At 5th St and 101 Southbound (L St) is Coffee Corner, very good deli sandwiches coffee bar and pastries. You can eat there or takeout and head for one of the many overlooks along Pebble Beach Dr. or into the redwoods if you'd rather find a more scenic spot just a few minutes away.

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                1. re: Krazy Krabs

                  Welcome to the board, KK, and thanks for providing some much needed options for the area.

                2. With two nights to eat in Crescent City, I suggest the Chart Room twice. If fish is not your thing our Thai House is good, especially the "Catfish In A Clay Pot" (get it spicy). The beauty of the Chart Room is its location, food and price. Steamer clams are fantastic!!! Shrimp everything is good. They even have Fat Tire beer and chocolate cake.
                  As for lunch, there is one great thing to do: buy a sandwich to go anywhere (Subway, grocery store...) then drive to Pebble Beach Drive and park next to the grass covered cliffs and picnic. The best spot is just north of Condor and Pebble Beach. You will know you are one of the luckiest people on the planet when you see and hear the waves pounding at your feet while sitting upon the tree framed grass in the bright California sun, eating your sandwiches

                  1. Old thread, but I didn't see any newer ones on Crescent City, so I'd used the suggestions in this post as my reference point for a recent trip. My wife and I had one dinner in town, and based on these recs we strongly considered the Harbor View Grotto, but then got scared off by multiple reports on Yelp saying that the place had gone WAY downhill within the past couple of years. Anyone know if this is really the case?

                    Anyway, so we decided on Beacon Burger (figuring it was the safest choice, especially since we'd been eating a lot of great seafood on the Oregon Coast for the past several days before that), only to find out that they're only open for lunch. Or at least that's what I would assume, given that they were closed at 6:00 on a Friday. (No hours listed here or on Yelp.)

                    So we ended up at the Chart Room, which was fine, but by no means great (or even very good, really). It didn't compare favorably to, say, Local Ocean Seafoods (in Newport, OR), where we had eaten some similar items the night before.

                    My wife had a plate of steamers, served over linguine and a mushroom-white wine sauce. It was a HUGE portion of clams, but they were quite rubbery and definitely not as fresh as the ones we'd enjoyed in Oregon. Noodles were cooked well past al dente until soft.

                    I started with the New England clam chowder in a bread bowl (that SF tourist favorite, which I never order in SF, but I figured what the hey). This was fine.

                    I also ordered the Crab Louie salad. As another poster mentioned, this comes with a huge portion of crab (not the best or the freshest you'll ever have, but passable), served over some generic salad-bar type ingredients (lettuce, tomato, red beans, baby corn, etc.) with a big bowl of Thousand Island dressing on the side. Salad was OK.

                    Later, our waitress informed us that we'd (completely coincidentally) ordered the two biggest items on their menu! Definitely huge portions, anyway.

                    Saw some plates of fish and chips going by -- these did, indeed, look quite good.

                    While we enjoyed eating among the locals in a lively environment (with friendly, if somewhat inattentive, service), we'd opt for a different restaurant the next time we're in town.

                    Harbor View Grotto Restaurant & Lounge
                    150 Starfish Way, Crescent City, CA 95531

                    Beacon Burger
                    160 Anchor Way, Crescent City, CA 95531

                    Chart Room Restaurant
                    130 Anchor Way, Crescent City, CA 95531

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                    1. re: abstractpoet

                      Great view, horrible service. Had a reservation, we were seated, and then...we actually witnessed the wait staff arguing over who had to take our table! Stayed for the view and the food. Don't usually write bad reviews, but had to do it this time.

                      Beachcomber Restaurant
                      1400 US Highway 101 S, Crescent City, CA 95531

                      1. re: Fkey541

                        Just to clarify, Fkey541, which restaurant was your report in reference to? Beachcomber? Chart Room? Or Harbor View Grotto?

                        Chart Room Restaurant
                        130 Anchor Way, Crescent City, CA 95531