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Aug 21, 2007 08:32 PM

New Mexico comes to the Bay Area

saw the ad from Raley's/Nob Hill Markets this morning - they are featuring Hatch Green Chiles from New Mexico .... 78 cents a pound. Available starting tomorrow - Wednesday the 22nd of August.

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  1. I just saw that, too! I'm excited to try them.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      They were great last year. Whatever you do though, don't buy those New Mexican tortillas. Despite reading the ingrediant list I bought those awful tortillas.

    2. Where is this market? When I google/yahoo "Raley's Nob Hill" I don't get any relevant results. If I can find the place, I'll going to head over straight from work.

      FYI - I'd be interested in finding out what Hatch chiles that carry and if they are labeled by variety - generic Hatchs or a sub-variety like Barker's, Big Jims, Sandia and/or New Mex 6-4's?

      Not that I'll be picky - its just that there is a HUGE difference between the mild New Mex 6-4s and the fiery Barker's.

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      1. re: larochelle

        I've got the flyer in hand, and it doesn't specify the variety. It does say that these are grown by the Kasparian family. Here's an article about the Kasparians' chiles.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Interesting article. It does say that the Kasparians, owners of Diamond K, who provide the chiles to Raley's do grow all multiple varieties...

          "Diamond K grows chiles to tantalize any and all consumer taste buds. The Mild 6-4 is a mainstay in the chile industry. Consumers looking for more zip can turn to the Big Jim, characterized by more heat. The Sandia, a chart- topper when it comes to heat, is more adventurous and not for the feint of heart."

          At only 0.78 a pount, I'd assume that only the 6-4 would make it to the California market.

        2. re: larochelle

          Nevermind. I went to the Raley's site and discovered there's no Nob Hill Foods on Nob Hill or San Francisco, haha. But they do have chile info on their site.

        3. Here's my post on the California board for my excursion to the Salinas Nob Hill store.

          I did taste one on the spot to see how hot it is. The batch in Salinas are the mild variety.

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          1. re: Melanie Wong

            They sell the varieties of "hot" and "medium". Look on the box. The medium is as Melanie said mild with after heat.

            Yeah, the hot ... are. There is no mistaking one for the other. My lips are burning up right now and I did my usual idiot move of rubbing my eye ... you want to be careful with the hot.

            I'm feeling sorry for another customer. We got into a conversation and he lived at one time in New Mexico and described Hatch as having the taste of the medium. I pointed out the two types and he said he didn't notice that. He just selected the peppers from the 'tot' box because they looked better.

            The mix at the store was one box of hot to five fof medium.

            Assistant produce manager didn't know much other than the degree of heat. He looked on the box and there was nothing else there.

            Now I have to go off somewhere and die because my eye is on fire and what I remember working to fix hot pepper in the eye isn't working and I can't really read anything with all the tearing up. More salt in the eye, I guess.

            1. re: rworange

              RW, I just finished roasting the Hatch Green Chiles that I bought at the San Pablo Raley's. As I wandered around the store I noticed that they have two other Hatch Chile displays besides the main one in the produce section (located in the center rear section) According to the produce guy those displays are the medium heat ones. And just as you said, in the main produce area there are four medium boxes and one hot. the front of the box has the marking. The HOT is on the right and it is indeed HOT.

              1. re: gordon wing

                As I posted in my addendum to the Salinas report on the Calif. board, the ones I bought turned out to be 40% hot and 60% mild of the first 10 I've roasted and tasted. I have 2.5 lbs more, and I guess it will be russian roulette!

          2. They will be roasting chiles at some of their markets, too, but most of them are not in the SF Bay Area. Here's a link to the roasting locations -- you have to contact the individual markets to find out when they are roasting:


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            1. re: Nancy Berry

              The three in the Bay Area that are roasting are San Pablo, Benicia, and Alameda.

            2. Anyone have any good recipes? On the web all I see are a million recipes for green chile stew/sauce, some chile relleno recipes and some really bad looking casseroles that contain cream of chicken and/or mushroom soup.

              If you have a really good one you want to pass on, please start a thread on Home Cooking.

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              1. re: Ruth Lafler

                You want different … you got me started … here's a link on Home Cooking with recipes and ideas like ... Vodka infused with roasted Hatch chiles ... Tamale-style catfish with Hatch chile (that looks really good) ... Eggplant Hatch Chile Kugel ... Hatch chile garlic bread ... Hatch BEERito ... green chile pie chile salad ... Hatch gazpacho ... Hatch mashed potatoes ... Hatch meatloaf ... halibut ala Hatch ... calabacitas ... Hatch chile fried chicken ... Pear, Chile & Tequila Sorbet ... etc, etc, etc

                What can I say. This year I'm interested in Hatch peppers. I liked them last year.

                Based on all that I would say that Raley is selling these two ..
                Medium heat: Big Jim
                Hot: Sandia