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Aug 21, 2007 07:57 PM

Best diner in Queens?

I'm picking up three Spaniards tomorrow at Kennedy Airport and thought that their first meal in the USA should be at a diner. Which one???

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  1. Georgia Diner in Elmhurst on Queens Blvd.

    1. I agree that Georgia Diner is good for diner-type food. When I can get there, I enjoy Flagship Diner, also on Queens Blvd. but in Briarwood, near the end of Queens Blvd, just east of the Van Wyck, I believe. It's a few blocks east of the Queens Criminal Court. Their baked goods are really yummy. They often have brioche, and good bran muffins. I've also had nice salads and other meals. I haven't been there for awhile, though.

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        We went to the Georgia Diner for the first time yesterday. I'm sure we picked the absolute worst time to go there (11am on a Sunday), but in spite of the throngs of people there (it really was a zoo), we got seated pretty quickly. The place is definitely a cut above most of the other diners and coffee shops I've been to in Manhattan and Queens. Clean, seemingly newly re-modeled, fresh baked goods, full bar, free parking lot. It reminded me a bit of some of those sprawling diners in Jersey (e.g. Mastoris), although the menu at Georgia was much more limited. The food was above average (I had the Greek omelette and tried the pancakes, both of which were quite decent, although i think Igloo in Astoria has the best Athenian omelette in town [with the french fries cooked right in the omelette]). All in all, a good experience, although I would try to go back at a less crowded time.
        I still can't get over the prices at NYC diners, though. I guess I'm used to diners in Philly and Jersey and Connecticut, where the same food is often literally half as much. Then again, so is everything else.

      2. not in queens, but right by the border in brooklyn, near kennedy:

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          Anyone been to the new Bel-Aire Diner on 21st St. in Astoria?

          1. re: bennyt

            wow...i was just gonna post about Bel-Aire...its right around the corner from my new apartment (a brooklyn transplant) and it is JUST GREAT! a huge menu, friendly staff, the food is pretty good, reasonably priced.

            ALSO...they always give you little mezzes at each meal...the beets and garbanzo beans they give you with dinner is just to die for...

            1. re: rebeccadahling

              I'm sorry but I have to disagree. I've lived in the 'hood for 3 years now and only visited the Bel-Aire a few times, and each time is worse. I'm not really sure how they are always so busy. Thier burgers, sandwiches are ok at best. I had breakfast there recently and my broccoli and cheese omelet had soggy broccoli, imitation cheese, and burnt yet greasy home fires. My friends were unimpressed as well. From then on it's been breakfast at home!

              1. re: rara

                Wow...their burgers are great every time i've had them (I've always had bison or turkey burgers).

                Good breakfast prices for the basics. My only problem with their home fries is they include green peppers (YUCK!). But they've been good to me.

                The cobb burger is yum with avocado, blue cheese, and bacon...

                1. re: rebeccadahling

                  Bel-Aire blows, went there last month during the "rennovation." The place was a sty and both food and service stunk. Sanford Diner on Braodway off 31st Street doesn't disappoint. The problem with the Georgia Diner is the same problem with the Queens Center Mall, way too many Queens people, very Queens people. Don't get me wrong, I grew up in Queens and love the borough, but everybody and their mother goes to the Georgia Diner. It maybe a bit chainy, but I like Pop Diner on Queens Boulevard too. I'm dating myself, but I used to go there all the time when it was the Sage Diner, always prefered the Sage over Georgia, disco fries and all.

                  1. re: Perkalator

                    Sage diner used to be decent. Its now called POP. Remodeled and very spacious now. Im assuming the food is still the same from the old days. On Queens Blvd by the Boca Steakhouse.

                    1. re: fcara

                      same ownership as the lindenwood diner.

                2. re: rara

                  I have to agree about Bel-Aire. It's not fair I know to judge a place on one visit, but my wife and I had such a bad meal there ( over priced and poor service to boot) recently that I find it difficult to believ that anything could be good in there!