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Aug 21, 2007 07:09 PM

Is Canton a Restaurant Wasteland

I might be moving to the Canton area, and I am trying to find decent restaurants in the area. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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  1. Great sushi and Chinese at Mai Place on Rte 138 in Canton. The fish is very fresh and it's reasonably priced.

    Canton is not far from Norwood, so it's worth a drive to find the following there:
    Siam Lotus on Rte 1 South bound side for great Thai.
    Bon Caldo has decent Italian, also on Rte 1 South.
    Byblos for Middle Eastern food, Washington St.

    Upscale French dining in Sharon - Coriander Bistro.

    It's not a total wasteland.

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    1. re: BikeToEat

      Some other places in/around Canton that are good to go to -
      Takara for Japanese (I prefer Mai Place mentioned above, but only slightly)
      Mahachai for Thai (my favorite takeout place in the Canton area)
      Caffe Bella in Randolph is a nicer Italian restaurant. They don't take reservations for non-regulars so weekends can be a rough wait, but the food's very good.
      Norwood's sort of close - a good place there is Bistro 712. Hopefully that all helps.

      1. re: Josh M

        Maybe it was the one time I went, but I had an awful meal at Bistro 712, complete with being served burned bread.

    2. La Storia on 138 in Stoughton is terrific and very reasonbly priced, too!

      1. The bbq place in Canton, too.

        1. Yes, it's pretty dismal in my 10 mile radius.

          Sure, some have mentioned a few places, but on a scale, the area is lacking big time. The latest addition near me was Applebee's - eeeks! My husband weekly prays for a Whole Foods to come to town.

          That said, it is a great area, and a pretty easy commute to Boston for cravings.
          That bbq place is Spitfire, which can be excellent, but they are inconsistant with the salt and vinigar. Bon Caldo? Really? Tried it twice and won't go back. Caffe Bella, most definately but past our 10 mile radius. Hope this helps.

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          1. re: gyppielou

            Been to Bon Caldo for lunch and got a very good plate of red sauce pasta the time I was there.

            Should also mention Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon for ice cream. And I'll also enthusiastically second Coriander and Byblos.

          2. X&O in Stoughton (on route 138) is actually quite good. The menu has both greek and italian specialties....all of the greek items I've tried have been great! The prices are great too. Decent atmosphere and bar area wtih flat screens.