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Aug 21, 2007 06:32 PM

"Russian" and rare Hispanic items at Grand Mart 7 Cnrs

I was by Grand Mart at 7 Corners today and saw a handwritten sign on the front door: "Russian and [Hispanic???} Foods Aisle [???]" (forgive my vagueness, I didn't have a notepad and my brain is off today)

Anyway, there was indeed a teensy section of Russian foods (big jar of borscht, etc - sorry, no further details) and across the aisle, grouped with their already-familiar Hispanic products, were quite a few things I'd never seen anywhere before - including a line of red-labeled "Peruvian specialties" like walnut-sized dried potatoes, dried treated corn kernels, etc.

The sections are small and no doubt far from comprehensive, but for the curious it might be worth investigating.


BTW, for old crippled guys like me who can't walk without holding onto a cart, they seem to have abandoned the cart corral, but the heavy and forbidding stanchion blocking the curb exit can be picked up and set aside, which they did for me on request (or I'd still be there).

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  1. The Eden Supermercado (at the old Staples location) on Route 1 South has a large selection of canned and jarred Peruvian specialties, you might want to check it out. I go there occasionally for their seafood section, excellent whole fresh red snappers for $5/lb. Not quite as good a selection as the Asian markets, but blows away the chains. They'd get more non-Latino shoppers if people knew about their offerings.

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      You might try BESTWAY Supermercado at the corner of Telegraph Rd & North Kings Highway. Its exit 7a off 495. It a much brigher and cleaner store than the smaller Eden market. It seems like the largest selection of latino foods in the area.

      The seafood selection blows also away the big chains.

      1. re: EthnicFood

        Great tip, didn't even know that was there. Near where the Pearl used to be, looks like.