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Aug 21, 2007 05:51 PM

Sumi's back! (formerly Kuishinbo in Bend, OR)

I just heard that Sumi, the owner of the recently closed Kuishinbo Kitchen on Minnesota in downtown Bend, has found a new location. She's going to reopen in the former Mercury Diner location on College Way (by La Rosa and Kava Coffee). Even better: she plans to start serving dinner.

Now if only El Super Burrito would have as much luck finding a new spot . . .

I'm truly sad to read the Hans will soon be joining the list "former" downtown Bend restaurants. My office is downtown, and I'm slowly loosing my favorite lunch spots.

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  1. Olaf, we have never tried Kuishinbo, so don't know what we have missed. Also, we were not aware that Mercury Diner had died a second death, so I am concerned about my Chowhound credentials.

    Having said that, we like High Tides, Bend Brewery and Cafe Sintra for lunch. Who else should we try?