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Aug 21, 2007 05:51 PM

Help! Stuck at BCEC/Seaport for dinner!

Ugh. So, I'm attending the American Chemical Society meeting with 1223947928 of my closest friends. Historically, this meeting (along with all the others) was at Hynes, which left you any number of options for lunch/dinner/drinks. But the new convention center is just in a wasteland, as far as I can tell. Tonight, we walked clear to Good Life at Downtown Crossing to eat... and that's a whole lot pricier than what we're looking for. There HAS to be decent (if not stellar) food closer than that, doesn't there? I know the Westin and the Seaport are right there... but so are the 1223947928 friends of mine, so the hotels are to be avoided at all costs. Can someone recommend... well, ANYTHING closer than South Station for food and/or drinks afterward?

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  1. If you think the Good Life is overpriced, I think you''re out of luck. Barking Crab is fairly close, mid priced, mid level seafood. Seaport Grill is pretty cheap I think, plus the Chinese restaurant Eastern whatever won't cost too much. And of course Chinatown but you're now past South Station. LTK and everything else closeby will cost you.

    1. The Water Cafe in the new ICA is managed by the Wolfgang Puck group--hours are:
      Tuesday and Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm
      Thursday and Friday 10 am - 9 pm
      Saturday and Sunday 10 am - 5 pm
      Museum admission is not required to dine.

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        You might try Flour Bakery + Cafe at 12 Farnsworth St., about 0.5 miles from the convention center. Open lunch, and until 9 for dinner. This location has good seating.

        It's a bakery that does creative sandwiches on great bread (I like the roasted lamb, tomato chutney, and goat cheese), a few grilled sandwiches, and usually a pizza and a quiche of the day. At night, there are a few dinner-size entree specials, though I can't vouch for them.

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          Oops - we walked right past this place last night, I think, and decided to keep going. Maybe we'll aim for here tonight.

          Thanks everyone!

      2. If you walk up A street toward Broadway ( a bit of a hike but on a nice evening not bad) Potbellies is on the left . 87 A street and google says 1.1 mi from Seaport Blvd . Eclectic menu of sandwiches, salads and some dinner offerings . Tiny space with limited tables but good food . Beer and Wine

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          Much closer at the corner of A and Congress is Lucky's which has a full bar and a range of dishes. Down on the waterfront is Yankee Lobster which is very casual but has beer and wine (it is a fish market and restaurant}. On fish pier is the No Name restaurant.

          1. re: Fort Point

            Daily Catch is still the hidden treasure on that side of the water. Kate Hudson filmed there the other day, and the food is great too!

        2. If you'll go as far as South Station - one street over on South Street is Sorriso (decent Italian) and Les Zygomates (french bistro). If cost is a concern then, as Joanie suggested, you're better off heading to Chinatown where there are a lot of very good meals to be had for short money. FWIW, I think Good Life prices are on the lower side compared with most mid-range restaurants in Boston.

          You could also check out Silvertone on Bromfield Street for an inexpensive dinner:

          It's a bit of a walk from the convention center, but certainly do-able, I would guess 20-30 minutes??

          1. Your best bet for cost and convenvience is Eastern Pier II chinese restaurant. Short walk straight out of conv ctr towards water.
            Good Chinese with seafood emphasis and waterfront seating.
            Yankee Lobster is down the waterfront to the left. Good food, little ambience, more of a lunch spot.
            New place is Salvatore's - Italian and pizza. Can't comment, as I haven't been there yet.

            Chinatown isn't much further than Good Life and your options expand incredibly.

            Lucky's is a great spot and no sign out front means most of your "friends" won't find it.

            If I walked as far as Good Life, personally I'd go across the street to JJ Foley's.
            Unexceptional but reasonable pub fare but a great bar with old school Irish barkeeps in white shirt and tie.
            Good spot for a drink even if you eat elsewhere.

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              We ended up going to Salvatore's the next night. Reviews are a bit hit or miss... both the pasta dishes were underwhelming - one was the shrimp fra diavolo, but I don't remember the other. The 4 cheese pizza was also meh. But the shrimp pizza was very good, and the sausage/asparagus/mascarpone pizza special I had was probably the best pizza I've ever eaten.