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Aug 21, 2007 05:51 PM

Sox fans visiting Seattle

Hi, we will be coming into the city next week during the Sox/Yankees duel and looking for a sports bar with really good beer and bar food. We willl be staying at the Mayflower and prefer not to drive, but willing to drive or take a cab if you know somewhere really worth the trip! Thanks

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  1. GG, The Fox Sports bar meets your criteria but get there early for a seat; it's within walking distance. (Note: Oliver's at the Mayflower has the best martini in Seattle but is definitely not a sports bar.) Late in the evening, after the game, sit at Oliver's and watch some unusual sports action at the Mayflower....

    1. SPORT over near the space needle has TVs at every table - The chili is darn good too. Not sure about the beer, but, on the other hand, if the game isn't on a national channel, you'll be more likely to find it there.

      It's walkable from most of downtown, depending on your walking comfort

      1. You'll be near the piers---walk down there: it's a place families go; lots of shopping, restaurants, things to see, the aquarium, etc, leading up the hill a bit to Pike Street Market. You could spend days eating your way through either venue. If you're in Safeco, get seats in the Terrace Club seating for good game fare, dogs, bar, etc, and good seats, esp. on the first base line. You can sit in the club or go down front a bit to your assigned seats. There's also the Hit It Here Cafe on that level, but personally, I prefer the dogs and Red Hook Ale approach; waiters will come and go to your assigned seats taking food and drink orders. It's only about 5.00 more a ticket to be in that area, so it's a great deal for a good view of the game and easy access to food and drink.

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          But I think the Red Sox/Yankees game isn't going to be at the Safe =)

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            correct, but helpful for future reference as we do want to get to a game there one of these days, thanks!

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            I always end up leaving the club level for garlic fries and/or on the main concourse, or the sliced pork sandwich from the bullpen pub (IIRC, the only other place besides the club & suite levels with hard liquor if that matters.)

            If you're into the novelty of chicken teriyaki or other such nonsense at a ball game, have a strange affinity for mass-produced Centerplate stadium catering classics like cardboard "chicken fingers" (clearly from the same factory as the ones in Yankee Stadium), or want to order from a menu at your seat, then the club level's fine. Personally, give me field or tier seats, or even bleachers.

            Safeco's a pretty nice park.

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              Right next to the Hit It Here Cafe, there's a snack stand that sells AWESOME nachos & taco salads. Those things are HUMONGOUS & great ball park food!

            2. Just to clarify...we are NOT going to the stadium...just want to try and find a good sports bar to watch the the sox/yankees game on TV, thanks though for all the input...