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Aug 21, 2007 05:43 PM

Greek Restaurants in Hendersonville/Asheville

Can anyone recommend a good authentic Greek restaurant in the Hendersonville and/or Asheville, NC area? Seven years ago there was a wonderful authentic Greek restaurant in Hendersonville (now is Main St. Pizza). Since then it seems the best Greek food is when there is the Greek Festival or the fundraiser at and for the Greek Orthodox Church in Asheville.

Thanks much!

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  1. I think Stoney Knob in Weaverville probably does the best. They have awesome lamb shanks and also offer things like saganaki, pastiscio (sp?), dolmades, etc.

    1. I agree with Leah. most of the other Greek places in town are pretty tired, serving the same frozen gyro meat and canned dolmathes. It really is quite sad considering we do have a greek population. And you are right about the greek festival, which I think is coming up Labor Day weekend.

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        Actually, the Greek festival is Sept. 22-24th in MLK park I believe in Asheville. I haven't been but really want to try it out this year. I agree with the above posters. Stoney Knob is probably about the best for this cuisine. Your next best bet would be to drive to Tarpon Springs, FL.

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          Stoney Knob is great. I would also recommend Nick's on Merrimon if you have a craving for a gyro. I think their's is much better than SK's. It's a little place just north of the lake - kind of the same "fast-food" look as as a Sonic - with a few seats inside, many outside, and a pick-up window (we always get it to-go). The meat is flavorful and tender, and the pita is warm and fresh. However, someone who works there told me that they use sour cream instead of yogurt for their tzaziki, which I don't believe is authentic...but it's still tasty.

      2. Thanks for all the input. I definitely will be trying the Stoney Knob.