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Aug 21, 2007 05:12 PM

Your Fresh Direct picks?

So, I decided to give this a spin. What are your favorites? I am still going to go supermarket and such, so yumminess factor is more important to me.

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  1. The curried-chicken salad is fantastic!

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    1. re: LeahBaila

      I second this! I'm not such a huge fan of their produce or fish though.

      1. re: KeriT

        What's wrong with the produce. Its usually really fresh and lasts longer than stuff I can buy in supermarkets.

        1. re: simsum

          Maybe this is a semantic thing. Fruits are produce, too, right? My objection is that fruits are always underripe and/or not flavorful. Vegetables are fine.

          1. re: cimui

            I actually concur. I do buy some veggies but I've been unhappy with their zuchinni, it was not fresh but I do get broccoli and cauliflower. I've had rotted apples (organic) and yes, my experience is that their fruit is underripe and I have just not been overly impressed.

            1. re: KeriT

              The fruits I've ordered from there seem like they have participated in a fight club before getting to my door.

              I do enjoy the thin crust pizzas and not having to carry beer from the market...

              1. re: mccan

                yes beer is key along with cases of bottled water and pellegrino and pellegrino sodas. I like to do my basics - eggs, milk and heavy things. Other good things are their parbaked breads and I love the Sarabeth frozen buttermilk biscuits.

    2. don't really like much of their fresh stuff but the rosa mexicano line of prepared heat and eats is pretty good. much better than any of their other heat and eat lines.

      1. I like the Chilean Sea Bass, Chicken Cacciatore w/ gnocci and Edamame heat & eats. I was so excited about rosa mexicano items, but they were all (beef enchiladas, ready to cook shrimp) too spicy for me :(

        Try the duck leg confit... very delicious. I don't know where to find them tho... just search duck. They used to be $4.99 per lb, but now I think they're $8.99... still worth it tho. I heat them thru in the microwave then crisp them up in a pan.

        Produce is generally on the expensive side, and there's always the threat of it getting bruised up along the way. All of the fish I've tried has been fine, even the "president's picks," which I've wondered as to why it's been discounted.

        I'll definitely have to try the curried chicken salad!

        1. I used to go nuts for their Bentzy's smoked almonds, and their dried mangoes were a staple at my office desk. They have evidently ended their relationship with Bentzy's, though, and have their own, miserable brand. The smoked flavor on the nuts is just on the salt, which all settles at the bottom of the bag, and the mangoes have an oddly metallic flavor to them.

          Best avoided.

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          1. re: AtomicLunch

            I would avoid the fruits and vegetables the street carts in NYC have fresher produce.

          2. I second the streetcarts for produce especially for tomatoes. The only thing I can really recommend from fresh direct are the persian cucumbers. They have taste (unlike regular store cucumbers) and are difficult to find elsewhere.

            I order weekly from freshdirect for staples (canned food, milk, eggs, sliced bread etc..) ... but because it was such poor quality I don't order produce or meat (haven't tried the fish) with the following exceptions:

            Brocolli, Cauliflower, Lemons and cucumbers.

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