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Aug 21, 2007 05:00 PM

Custom Burger/Lounge report

I stopped by the brand spanking new Custom Burger at 7th and Natoma today for lunch. I work 1/2 a block away so the prospect of another lunch option in this desolate part of SOMA is very exciting.

You walk in, and you get a little notepad/scorecard type paper and a little golf pencil and you go to work. There are a number of burger options: Angus, Kobe, Chicken, Salmon, and Vegetarian, although I suspect they have a few others that they will change up. Each burger comes with 3 toppings and one spread. Cheese is $0.99 extra (or more, if you go for the Pt. Reyes Blue or other fancier options). There are four buns: potato pepper, brioche, sesame seed, and onion.

For toppings, they've got the standards (leaf lettuce, tomato, onions) in addition to some more unusual and exciting options (balsamic marinated onions, pea sprouts, grilled pineapple, arugula, black olive tapenade, hoisin glaze, sweet piquillo peppers, ice box slaw, sauteed mushrooms, roasted green chiles, and many more). Sauces include Chana Masala Sour Cream, Pesto Mayo, Chipotle Cilantro Mayo, Blue Cheese, Thai Peanut, and a dozen or so others.

I went for a chicken burger on a sesame seed bun with balsamic onions, roasted green chilies, pea sprouts, and blue cheese dressing. The chicken burger was very flavorful on its own- not sure what seasonings they used. The bun was very fresh, and was dotted with sesame, poppy, and sunflower seeds. The onions gave a wonderful sweetness to offset the blue cheese. The roasted green chilies I couldnt taste very much. I love pea sprouts on anything so I was very happy.

I also got a fresh brewed iced tea which was really nice- you could tell it wasnt cheap-o black tea- it almost had a peach-y flavor.

They also serve homemade pie by the slice, milkshakes, chili, salads, and fries. My co-worker and I ordered a basket of 1/2 and 1/2 fries (half regular, half sweet potato) which were delectable and not greasy at all. They were served in a little mini fryer-basket which was a cute touch.

There's a bar attached to the restaurant (and the attached Americania Hotel) that has a few beers on tap (including Boont, my favorite!) and some seating. The ambiance is more lounge-y (darker, lots of fabric) than the restaurant, which is very white and clean. Looks like a good place for an after work drink.

A welcome addition to the neighborhood!

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    1. re: misterchinn

      Angus burgers are $6.99, Chicken and Salmon are $7.99, Vegetarian is $5.99, Kobe is $11.99

      Milkshakes are $4-something, Fries are $3.50 for a sizeable order.

    2. So funny...I ate across the street yesterday and spied Custom Burger; was going to ask who had eaten there. It looks very LA. I took a gander at the menu and it looks promising. So thanks for the report! You saved me a query and inspired me to give it a whirl!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Tried Custom Burger Lounge last night for the first time. The burger was delicious. I ordered the Angus 1/3 lb. with avocado (extra), cheese (extra), balsamic red onions (inc), sauteed mushrooms (inc), and chipotle cilantro mayo on a brioche bun (which was tasty, but did not hold up well). Basic burger was $6.99; with extras it was almost $9. We also shared the half and half (half sea salt fries, and half sweet potato fries); thought these were good, but not great. Same thing with the onion rings. The red tail ale bbq sauce was quite good, but the onion rings didn't do well with the dipping sauce - I kept losing the breaded part into the sauce. Plus, I though they were somewhat pricey at $4.99 for about 10 rings. My partner ordered the Kobe Beef Burger ($10.99, so evidently they dropped the price a little). He's a burger fan, and he thought it was quite good. Our friend ordered the Angus with feta, olive tapenade, and some kind of chipotle sauce, and thought it was fabulous. We ate in the bar, which was definitely a plus (cool decor, music, plus drinks). Overall, a little on the pricey side, but still worth a visit if you are into burgers.