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Aug 21, 2007 04:39 PM

Suggestions needed for a dinner date in Dallas

Hello all,

I need some suggestions for a dinner date with someone I've not met. I prefer somewhere near downtown - Knox-Henderson area, Oak Lawn, State-Thomas, maybe lower Greenville. My requirements are someplace with very good food, obviously! Not sushi, but am open to most anything else. Not too romantic but not too sterile, not so noisy that we can't have a conversation, mid-range in price. I'm not a fan of trendy, hip places; I do like places that have a warm atmosphere. I originally considered La Duni, Cafe Madrid or Cafe San Miguel but think now that they may all be too loud. It's for mid-week (actually tomorrow!) so any suggestions are very welcome!

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    1. I love Breadwinners (Uptown). You should have no problem finding a quiet spot to talk and the atmosphere is not at all trendy or off-putting. Plus, if things go well, you can share a piece of their delicious cake! :)

      1. Suggestions...Hectors on Henderson, Cafe Izmir, La Duni (not loud on a weeknight), Kathleen's Art Cafe, and agree that Bread Winners, sitting in the indoor courtyard, would be nice...

        1. I like your idea of Cafe Madrid. It won't be too loud on a Thursday. Sharing tapas plates will give you something to talk about and let you know something about the your dining companion's palate. Hola Tapas is also nearby, but I have not eaten there.