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Aug 21, 2007 04:38 PM

Zinc counter and table tops

Does anyone have a zinc counter or table top? Do you like it? We want the patina and a distressed look.

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  1. Have you spoken with this company?
    They manufacture sheet zinc. The man I spoke with was extremely helpful. Apparently, any good plastic laminate craftsman can fabricate a countertop with the material. Then you can accelerate the aging process using acidic products like ketchup and lemon juice to get the patina you want.
    They do mostly commercial installation in bars and restaurants where designers want an "organic," constantly-changing, aged look. If you want instant patina, zinc looks great. I became interested in it after I saw an antique French table that was too large for my kitchen and was trying to find a way to fabricate a smaller one. I'm thinking of doing a section of kitchen counter in zinc.

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    1. I made zinc counters for my kitchen myself using plywood cut to size and covered with zinc sheets from this company: I am very happy with how they turned out. It was not hard to make them since the metal bends very easily. The zinc does oxidize rapidly on its own (initially I buffed them with a scotchbrite pad to take down the shine, but otherwise did no distressing treatments). Even water can leave a mark, so I suppose these counters would not work for a real neatnik. But if you want distressed patina nothing beats it.