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Aug 21, 2007 03:33 PM

Creme Fraiche

does anyone know where to buy this in Edmonton? i've tried (with no success) conventional supermarkets, the Italian Centre and KK Foodliner.

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  1. I don't know where to get it... but I know how to make it... 4 cups heavy cream and 2 tablespoons butter milk... mix together then leave at room temp uncovered overnight to thicken. Stir the thickened creme fraiche, cover and refrigerate. Will store for 1 week.

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    1. re: jenluxy

      Will it work with pasturized cream? I thought you had to have raw cream to make it.

      1. re: sojo16

        Pastuerized cream works. I've done it with sour cream in place of the buttermilk.I'm betting the flavour is slightly different. Guess I need to do a taste test.

    2. I buy creme fraiche in Calgary from Community Natural foods - it's the Liberte brand & it's good enough - not as good as some of the product you can easily pick up in any UK supermarket.

      Maybe e-mail them & ask if they have any stockists in Edmonton