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Aug 21, 2007 03:26 PM

Beets for the non-beetie? Need recipe help...

I am part of a Community Supported Agriculture group and have been getting tons of beets. I am trying to introduce my non-beet SO to beets in a very gentle manner. He claims he doesn't like them, but actually had never even tried them. I just beets at a restaurant in a salad (beautifully and sparingly prepared, with orange pieces, almonds ,etc...) and he enjoyed them in that. Here's my request...
Anyone have reccommendations for preparing them at home where they would be a nice, but subtle part of a meal that could convince a non-beet eating person to just how wonderful they can be?

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  1. The salad route is a good way to go. I've got some beets from the farmer's market that are going to get roasted and served with goat cheese and candied pecans on a bed of baby arugula. The sweet earthiness of the beets really complements the bitter greens and the creamy chevre.

    1. It's "tyranny of distance" thing... but what exactly do you mean by "beets".. here in OZ, beets are beetroot. If you're talking beetroot, I gotts 101 recipes.

      1. I love all vegetables...except beets. I've had them many times--I still keep trying them in better restaurants, since I've always been convinced when someone doesn't like a vegetable, they just haven't had it prepared properly. But beets licked me-no matter how I had them, they still tasted like dirt.

        That is, until I tried them pickled. I love anything pickled and the pickling took out the "dirt-y" taste of the beet. So if you find yourself really stuck, you might try pickling them. Then even if your SO still hates them, they are preserved for a while.

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          LOL - Beets were one of the 2 foods I refused to eat from childhood - to me they tasted like fresh turned earth (moist black dirt). But I kept trying them periodically and a few years ago my SO ordered them somewhere and I had a taste and fell in love with them for the first time. I was captivated by their taste of - fresh turned earth. Go figure - just shows it pays to keep trying things from time to time.

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            Very funny. That is what I expected would happen to me sometime-it did with cauliflower, which I'd never liked.

        2. 1. roast them with other root vegetables -
          2. include them in curries -
          3. 1/4 slices, olive oil, salt and pepper and grill them -

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            i had a fantastic root vegetable hash one time where beets were very subtle, but so delicious. It had potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and i think cauliflower, even though its not a root vegetable. Everything was chopped quite small so that all of the flavor mixed nicely.

          2. boil or roast, peel and slice, toss with a homemade vinegarette (i like to use red wine vinegar), shaved feta, sliced red onion and chopped flat parsley. the longer it's in the fridge, the better it'll get.

            it's yummy on almost everything - in a falafel, on toast, in salad, sandwiches, as a side dish with red meat... i guarantee he'll like beets after he tries it! cuts the sweetness.