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Aug 21, 2007 03:04 PM

Hawaiian grocery items

I'm hosting a luau and want to serve lomi lomi, chicken long rice, Hawaiian soda, etc. What grocery store has a great Hawaiian section? Also, do these stores have ti leaves? I'm willing to drive to SGV or OC but not the South Bay/Westside. Thanks.

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  1. Try:
    Hawaii Grocery
    1710 S Del Mar Ave
    San Gabriel, CA 91776
    Ph (626) 573-5338

    or read this post:

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    1. re: missmodular818

      Hawaii Supermarket (Grocery) isn't really a Hawaiian market. More of an Asian market owned by Taiwanese.

      You'll find most of the ingredients and items you're looking for at Marukai they have a section of Hawaiian stuff. Besides the South Bay they have locations in Little Tokyo, W. Covina and Costa Mesa.

      1. re: monku

        It is best to go to the Marukai in Gardena because the selection is better.
        Don't buy the store brand lau lau. Pay the extra money and get the lau lau shipped in from the islands. If you want to save time, serve poki instead of lomi lomi salmon. The Gardena Marukai serves a great ready-made poki.

      2. re: missmodular818

        Hawaii Supermarket is a Vietnamese market.

        1. re: SauceSupreme

          You're sure of that? Das Ubergeek corrected me and said it was Taiwanese. So I thought I'd stand in the middle ground and say "Asian market". One thing is for sure it isn't a Hawaiian market.

        1. re: JeetJet

          Thanks for the shaved ice tip! Totally beats having to do it myself...I wonder if they're open on Saturdays?

          1. re: lillizkat

            Yes, the El Monte Ice Co is open on Sat. Go early and bring a big ice chest. I really think this is a twenty pound bag for about $10. It will reguire a big ice chest. The little office in front of the ice house may appear closed but just knock on the door. The later you wait to go the longer you will wait in line at this place. Many pick up tucks line -up with big ice chest as the day gets hotter. Good prices on cubes, block ice and dry ice.

            El Monte Ice Co (Block, crushed, cubes and Shave ice in 10 lb bags.)
            3544 Santa Anita Ave (one block North of the 10 fry)
            El Monte, CA 91731
            (626) 448-5305

        2. I have the same question but looking for a place to buy hawaiian foods,ESPECIALLY limu ogo for Poke on the westside of LA. The farthest would be south bay.

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          1. re: spang

            Sorry, but the only place I know that sells fresh ogo from the islands is at Marukai in Gardena. They sold it at the 99 Ranch Market a long time ago but soon discontinued. Limu koho and roasted kukui nut is not available here in LA so the only way to get it is by having someone send it to you or by bringing it back yourself (if you can find it).