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Aug 21, 2007 03:02 PM

Jhanthong Banbua for lunch - Santa Rosa

This Thai restaurant is pretty close to the JC so I went by today for lunch after hearing some good things.

Ive only been to the new thai place near RR square but JB beats this place hands down. Nothing I had (green curry, sate, fresh salad rolls) were life-altering but everything was well executed. I would gladly eat here again despite the brusque service which is understable considering the lunchtime rush.

The fresh rolls were pretty good -no peanut sauce but rather two rolls cut like sushi and covered in a sweet soy sauce. The sauce wasnt too overwhelming but would have preferred it on the side. The chile-garlic condiment was well used to cut this sweetness of the sauce. Filling was fried tofu ans assort veg.

I liked the sate because it was pounded thin and had some good charring going on. The peanut sauce was thinner and much tastier than other renditions I have had.

The green curry tasted of fresh chiles, coriander and cumin and had some nice kabocha...not bad.

The iced tea almost looked to have a mango hue --mango thai iced tea?

I am interested to try the Laab and other appetizers as well as my favorite curry the Mussaman.

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  1. I had dinner there Saturday night before the Guitar Festival concert at Wells Fargo Center. We almost always eat there before a concert. I've been there at lunch too. The lunch specials are better (more interesting choices, more variety) than those at most Thai places I've tried, though as you say the service is pretty prefunctory and the place is usually pretty full. The service for dinner is much more attentive. I know that Tom Kha is kind of a trite order, but I do think that JB's is the best I've ever had! We drained the soup bowl!

    1. This is the place near Daphne's / Baja Fresh shopping center, right? I am glad you liked those dishes... I had tried the Soups and thought they had an annoying, off flavor... they also have a Prikh Kingh like dish that wasn't very good... but I look forward to further reports on other stuff.

      Maybe we should a Thai crawl as part of Sonoma County Chowdown!

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        I stopped there for lunch last Thursday. I ordered Pad Thai with shrimp and pork. It wasn't very good at all. No egg, and the classic four flavors, hot,sweet, sour and salty was completely off. I don't think they used tamarind at all but rather lime juice. It tasted almost exclusively of that. My homemade Pad Thai is much better. Sorry but I will not be going back

        1. re: Bodegadawg

          After reading lots of gushing reviews I finally made it there after their remodel and had a disappointing pad kee mao; I won't be back either.

      2. I had lunch here today.

        They have an interesting sort of quick lunch for $8.50 where you can pick three items from a list.

        So, I got the Green curry (which I imagine is their specialty), the eggplant with basil, and Tod... [fried fish cakes with sweet cuke sauce.)

        I like that:
        1. You can get a variety of things to try,
        2. The food is hot (though undoubtably sitting for speed),
        3. A good level of heat and discernable use of fresh herbs in making the paste for the curry (like the kabocha use as well)
        4. Its quick
        5. The kitschy interior

        I think I do like this place better than the one in RR square.

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        1. re: kare_raisu

          I really like this restaurant. The staff is extremely helpful when you're feeling frisky and want to off-road. They've introduced me to several dishes I really enjoy, including many of the salads, the steamed eggplant/ground chicken in lime sauce, the pumpkin curry, and sakoo sordsai. Husband loves both of the duck dishes.

          If there are Thai dishes you like that are not on the menu, they will make them for you if you ask for them by name.

          Kare Raisu, there's a place called "Baan Thai" in Larkfield Shopping Center on Old Redwood Highway north of the Wells Fargo Center for the Performing Arts that I also very much enjoy. I wrote a review of it when it first opened, click on my screen name for a list of my posts. It's still very good.