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Toronto Life's Best List

Any comments on their list for these?
Golden Star Restaurant
Black Camel
South St. Burger Co.
Johnny's Hamburgers

Bar Mercurio
Pizza Pide

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  1. Toronto Life has obviously not had Burger Shack at 3am after a long productive night of drinking.

    1. i have never seen a burger at black camel? am i missing something...

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      1. re: OnDaGo

        yeah they profiled a pulled pork sammich, stretching it to say the least.


      2. What, no Allen's on the burger list? For shame!

        1. Have been doing some online research and hear about the following; any thoughts?
          Golden Star Restaurant, 7123 Yonge St. 905-889-6891 - another vote
          Magoo’s Gourmet Hamburgers and Ice Cream , 4242 Dundas St. W. 416-234-1148.
          The Real McCoy Burgers & Pizza , 1033 Markham Rd. 416-439-6804

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            The Real McCoy is a great place. I have been eating there since I was a kid, living in the area, almost 30 years ago now. Unfortunately, they're out of my way now, but my most recent visits within the last year have been worthwhile. Burgers are still excellent and nicely charred. Hand-cut fries. Definitely give them a try.

            1. re: Full tummy

              Finally, a possibility!! It is in the west end of Scarborough, right? Do they have poutines, etc?

              1. re: Full tummy

                Ok. Just did a search with maps and looks at least 30 mins from Cherry St (the Port Lands) in Toronto, but on Driving Directions with mapquest it says less than 15 mins. Ideas?

                1. re: itryalot

                  I'd guess about 25 minutes or so. They do have poutine.

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                I love Golden Star, very old school, very heavy on the garlic, they make no apologies about it. There are plenty of detractors for those reasons alone, but I'm a fan. If you want a traditional burger w/ all the fixings that'll transport you back to your childhood, then GS is it.

                1. Another search turned up this list:
                  Bymark Golden Star Rivoli Hero Burgers
                  Johnny's Hamburgers Apache Burger
                  Real McCoy C & Dubbs
                  Magoo's Lick's
                  The Magic Spot The Rosedale Diner
                  The Yellow Griffin Pub Mildred Pierce
                  Vesta Lunch Bellwood Bar & Grill
                  Allen's The Tulip
                  The Burger Shack Dangerous Dan's
                  Wimpy's People's
                  The Grillway Patrician Grill

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                    Go with pizza. None of these places will do 40 burgers to go at once. By the time the last one was cooked, the first would be stone cold. Terroni at Victoria and Queen can do large orders. They open early, as well.

                    Or you could probably get 40 Vietnamese subs from Rose's on Broadview as they seem to do bulk orders. Less than two bucks a piece, too. 'Course, the kids might not appreciate them.

                    1. re: cowhound

                      Magoos is really good. They will cook your burger to order. The cheese is real shredded cheese and they have a special mayo sauce that is delicious. They offer a variety of toppings and other menu options.

                    2. re: itryalot

                      Patrician Grill is out of this world, their banquet burger is awesome. The place is the perfect greasy spoon diner for a burger. Avoid the horribly watered down pop though!

                      Golden Star is a classic as well, make sure you order the allstar or whatever it is called and not the "normal" burger. The allstar one is the gourmet one, the regular is just normal frozen patties. Don't ask me why they have both!

                      1. re: Wil

                        Asked my son to take out some burgers from Golden Star (first time) last night and I was expecting outstanding sandwiches...and they were OK but not outstanding imo as they only compare to the local Burger Palace stand at Bridlewood Mall. I noted Wil's comment about a gourmet burger which my son did not notice when he ordered. Are the comments on this board specific only to the gourmet version and what is the exact name (ie all-star?) given to the burger?

                        1. re: T Long

                          I thought it was the "homeburger", not sure, though, I agree the regular is no great shakes..

                      2. re: itryalot

                        Where is this search from? I've only seen the one in the original post...

                      3. I've heard that the Toronto Life restaurant top 10 spots are basically just really glamourous ads. But I may be just getting that mixed up with Toronto.com, which charges for virtually any type of web content, including reviews.

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                          1. re: fennel cartwright

                            I disagree, a restaurant I know was reviewed in both and has never placed an ad in either (or any publication for that matter). This was their first restuarant and the only thing they had was a chef with a bit of a track record (but by no means a recognized name).

                            All media that reviewed them magazines, websites and newspapers alike visited only once (with a companion or two) and had several dishes each. The only paper that wrote them up and did NOT even eat there was NOW they got a lot of facts wrong but it was for one of their best of guides not an actual review...

                          2. Toronto Life needs to get a life. South St. I found to be underwhelming in taste regardless of their fancy ingredients. Cost was absurd. I've had cheaper Kobe beef burgers in high end restaurants for the price I paid for their mediocre burger.

                            Apache was always my favorite growing up in the west end. Johnny's definately one of my late night favorites.

                            Havent tried any of the others.

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                            1. re: LeTimmy

                              Please tell us where we can get a Kobe burger in any restaurant (including high end) for under $7.95.

                              1. re: estufarian

                                This isn't exactly correct on the price, but Fred's Not Here does a 3 course lunch including a "Kobe" burger for $15. Can't vouch for the authenticity, but the flavour's there.

                                1. re: estufarian

                                  Ok maybe i'm exagerating a little but a Burger with cheese, poutine and a drink was over $15 if my memory serves me right. I can easily get a Kobe burger, fries and drink for that price. Haven't had any in Toronto but in California not a problem. Ok so maybe its not comparable then... i giveup :)

                                  1. re: LeTimmy

                                    Burgers there are $5 and its by far the best "chain" burger I've ever had. They even leave it a little pink inside (There are even signs plastered everywhere saying this is normal and they meet food & heath regulations, so no worries!)

                                    In other words, you're memory does not serve you right.

                                2. re: LeTimmy

                                  Good to know; that is why I love this board. Real advice from the locals who eat in the places named. Never know if a mag is judging on a one time visit or what.

                                  1. re: itryalot

                                    Golden Star for the burgers and (if he's still there) the rapping owner. The banana shakes and fries are amazing, too. It's way out there for downtown people, tho.

                                3. Homeway does a really good burger. Relatively modest size, but quite tasty. And the side salads are great. And the fries are outstanding!