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Aug 21, 2007 02:52 PM

chocolate obsession, or the desk drawer, redux

A year ago, I did an inventory of the foodstuffs in my desk, with rather shocking results:

Okay, I've been on a new eating regimen (not doing the "d" word) so the contents of the desk drawer has changed, but it's still mostly chocolate. Only now it's all dark chocolate (no more M&Ms for the office candy dish). I just counted eight different kinds of dark chocolate in my desk drawer. Actually, eight different brands (that doesn't include where I have more than one bar from the same brand with different "stuff" in it).

Does having eight different brands of dark chocolate in my desk drawer make me certifiably obsessed? Do I need help (not with the "eating regimen": I've lost 30 pounds and lowered my cholesterol 27 points)?

Just because someone is going to ask:
Cote d'Or
Michel Cluizel
Trader Joe's
A brand I can't remember the name of (I've lost the outer wrappers)
Regal Dynasty (for making hot chocolate)
Vintage Plantations

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  1. I think you are obsessed, dear Ruth. But, it makes me infinitely happy to know that there is someone else out there who shares my love of chocolate this much. I keep a stash of assorted chocolates at my desk and have one after breakfast and lunch. At home... I keep stashes in some of my clothes drawers, the back of the pantry, in shoeboxes, and in my car. Sad. I know.

    But, if you are down 30 lbs, with a lower cholesterol to boot, well... you are on the right track.

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    1. re: wino22

      At home, the stash is in the kitchen "junk" drawer and I just remembered there's some in a carry-bag on the hook on the back of the bedroom door.

      Oh, and the purse -- I have usually have at least part of one of those 50 gram TJ's bars, and right now there's some Richard Donnelly rose-flavored dark chocolate. I guess the bright spot is: the reason I have so much lying around is that I haven't scarfed it down!

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        I'm so impressed that you haven't scarfed it all down! I can't make a piece of chocolate last more than a day, really.

        I am so delighted to hear that you dropped 30 lbs and lowered your cholesterol with your new eating regimen within the past year. That is a real inspiration.

        My apologies if you've discussed this elsewhere (and, if so, would you mind providing a link if you have one handy, please?), but would you mind sharing your approach, pleae? I would like to drop about that same amount, not for cholesterol, but for borderline high blood pressure but I'm having a really hard time to committing to a "diet." And, no matter how many times I've started, I can't seem to have any discipline to maintain a non-diet that just involved healthy eating.

        Perhaps you have some secrets to share? Thank you!



        1. re: The Dairy Queen

          I'll be happy to discuss it with you, but I'm afraid it would be off topic. Feel free to drop me an email at the address in my profile.

    2. M&M's come in dark chocolate now. They are good. I love the Lindt dark chocolate truffles. Keeping my stash in the freezer seems to help a little bit. I know that won'thelp in an office setting....people like to snitch the goodies.

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      1. re: Living4fun

        Oooooooooh, the Lindt Dark Chocolate 'bars' ( the little squares) in the freezer makes them taste even better!!!!!! not really working for me, coz of course then I do have to eat the entire bar!!!!
        I love dark chocolate, the darker the less you eat though!!! which is good! i guess...

        1. re: mariekeac

          'the darker, the less you eat' ???

          speak for yourself! i'm usually 'over' milk chocolate after a bite or 2, but earthy, rich, dark, bittersweet chocolate....that's where i get into trouble :)

          1. re: goodhealthgourmet

            I'm in the "the darker, the lesser" camp. I can easily polish off a large bag of hershey kisses or M&Ms without thinking about it. But with dark chocolate (70% plus) a few squares does it for me.

      2. M & M's in dark chocolate peanut NOW. Just heard today on the TV. Up here in the NW we have Harry and David's for their superb 'moose munch' and bars. It is basically caramel corn with chocolate nuts in it and then they make it into the bars and chocolate coat it!!! You can order the munch online but I have only found the bars in Target Stores in the area. Dark Chocolate is fabulous. I have recently found Hershey's makes little tins of 8 truffles, for which the whole tin is only 23 carbs! They are so delicious I can eat only one a day and be satisfied! I've lost 70 pounds by walking, eating dark chocolate and giving up chips, etc.