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Aug 21, 2007 02:46 PM

Lunch near AGO

I want to take my daughter to the AGO before it closes until 2008 for the final renovations. I am looking for suggestions for a nice place for lunch within walking distance of the gallery. Anything but Indian or Sushi would be good. Thanks.

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  1. From my experience:

    On McCaul at Elm: Midi is wonderful, as is Sage (the latter a bit more casual/cafe).
    On Baldwin: La Bodega or Cafe la Gaffe (ditto).
    On Queen: I thought the Queen Mother Cafe was OK (others have raved though)

    Enjoy the show, and lunch!


    1. The attaching cafe to AGO, Agora, serves a fantastic lunch, at a good value. I had a really delicious poached salmon last time i was there.
      I also second Bodega and Midi near Baldwin. or head to Queen W for Queen Mother's Cafe.

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        Hasn't Agora closed for the renovation?

      2. Midi Bistro on McCaul would be nice and special.

        1. Hey elasticwaistband- nice handle-lol!!

          I recall a couple of threads on this for you to peruse: