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Aug 21, 2007 02:45 PM

Order ahead take out for teens

A group of us will be taking a large group of kids to Cirque and will have been for lunch before the show. Because they eat NON STOP, we were wondering if there was a place either near the Cirque location, or on the way to the 401W that we could have the kids order food from and pick it up for them to eat on the way home.
The best would be to get a place that offers a variety of foods. We are not looking for fine dining take out; a hole in the wall with good food, variety and decent prices would be great.
We are open to ideas; so far: pizza, subs or grilled paninis, poutines, great burgers, etc

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  1. No restaurant comes to mind in the immediate area -- the Distillery District is very close by, but the restos are a bit pricey if you are looking for fillers.
    Sounds like you're up from some greasy foods, so why not head across the street (literally) from the Cirque tents and go to T&T supermarket?

    I'm assuming that the new location will have the food court and counters of prepared foods, like the other locations. If so, there should be a bubbletea counter (or a long aisle of interesting drinks within the shopping area), sushi plates and platters (I like the cooked foods, the bbq eel on rice is decent considering.. and comes pret-a-manger), dim sum, BBQ meats; chip aisle, cookie aisle, candy aisle, ice cream aisle.... although it might make for a long detour....

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      I was hoping I could find a place (thinking about the burger place that did NYFries) where I could ask them ahead and get their orders. Then, I would fax it in the day before and I would run in and pick it up. Taking that many teens to a place like that may kill another hour at least.
      I would even go to a place that makes wood fired pizzas, personal size where they could put in their orders to me ahead of time.

      1. re: itryalot

        I don't know if it's cheap enough, but there's the Mill Street Brew Pub:
        You could definitely order from them before hand by fax and pick it up after the show. Right kind of food for teens.

        1. re: pescatarian

          Might be too expensive considering we will have been to a sit down lunch. REally looking for a great burger place (see other post re:TOLife best list) that has fries, poutines, milk shakes, etc. OR a personal wood fired pizza place.

          1. re: itryalot

            Sorry, don't know of such a place in the area you will be travelling.
            Golden Star is great but not on your way.

    2. You can place orders like that at Lick's as long as greasy is OK, Mr.sub or Subway would do it too, as would many Roti places if you could go that way...there's a Pizza Pizza at the entrance to the DVP at Bloor, or you could pre-order Greek from somewhere on the Danforth...

      1. There's Gale's diner at Eastern and Carlaw, but unfortunately it closes at 6 p.m. Great sandwiches and burgers and well priced to boot!

        1. And here I thought making 45 individual pizzas would be more difficult than 40 burgers, etc. My concern was the fries. You guys keep me hoppin'.
          REcs for pizza or burgs/fries for large group.

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            I will let you know that as a restauranteur that 40 orders of anything is going to be difficult and that the call ahead is a MUST. That being said, your items are going to be prepared and placed in a warming box until pick up and won't be at their peak flavour profile-just so you know....

          2. Well, I know you don't have a fast food place in mind, but if you get desperate, there is a Wendy's and a Burger King right across the street from each other at Leslie and Lakeshore. You could split the 40 orders between the two, if necessary. Just a five minute drive east. Easy to get back to the DVP.

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            1. re: JamieK

              I would tend to order something cold rather than hot, I think someone had mentioned subway or mr. sub. I think logistically it would just work better-both for the operator and for you to get those kids back home in a timely manner.

              1. re: robgm

                Good point. There's also a Tim Hortons by the Wendy's at Leslie and Lakeshore.