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Aug 21, 2007 02:28 PM

Need Chowhound Help with Santa Rosa

Favorite time of the year is coming up , the grape "crush" . Will be traveling from out of state to Santa Rosa to work in a local winery for a week or so....roughly , will be on the west side of Santa Rosa , call it Piner at Fulton Road , just a little west of there .
Need recs for casual places to eat after a days work , including picking up "to go" food . Last year we would wind up tired and just eating fast food...I know Santa Rosa has better to offer .Will have a car , so can drive to Rohnert Park or Sebastopol . THANKS in advance , and don't hesitate to mention nice restaurants , as we don't work hard every single day .

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  1. Antojitos La Texanita on Sebastopol Rd
    Taco Trucks of Sebastopol Rd
    Govindas on Mendocino Vegetarian buffet
    Cafe Japan 4th and Mendocino
    Wednesday night farmers market in SR
    Underwood in Graton ("Nice")
    Wildwood in Graton Breakfast
    West County Grill Sebastopol ("nice")
    Papusas Salvordenas County fair exit off 12

    Hope this gives you some help.

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      this is most appreciated.....what is a good time for the taco trucks on Sebastopol Rd ??

    2. Lee's Noodle House, Hopper Ave. in SR
      Mel's Fish & Chips, Hopper Ave in SR
      Willi's Wine Bar, Old Redwood Highway - Santa Rosa/Larkfield (njce)
      Ume Japenese Bistro, Old Redwood Highway - Windsor
      Jhanthong Banbua- Mendocino Ave, SR - Thai
      Pearson's & Co. - Mendo Ave, SR (catering co w/excellent local goods)

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      1. What type of food do you like, are you looking for something you've never had before? What roughly have had before... etc.,

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          Nopal , pretty much anything : Chinese , American, Mexican , etc . A down and dirty hamburger joint would be great ( I know of the In and Out in Rohnert Park ) . I guess I'm dreaming here , because with the price of real estate in Sonoma County , I don't see how any simple reataurant can afford to pay the rent . Still , I hope....

          1. re: pinotho

            Actually Sonoma County is full of simple restaurants... its the Mid Range places that seem to have a hard time. Unfortunately you are a year late... otherwise I would recommend Heavenly Hamburger (RIP)... they were around since the time when I wouldn't have been allowed to eat there... American banners & memorabilia a true Roadside Eatery pre dating the 101.... it is now replaced by Phyllis Giant Burgers (not bad... but new wave) on Middle Rincon & Highway 12 (many people around here like it)

            Ozzie's (Middle Rincon & Montecito) is more of a dirty hamburger joint that caters mostly to the high school kids. The place is hit or miss... but the guy manning the griddle right now is quite good... and he is a good homeboy. We recently had a mushroom burger that was very good.

            I second Antojitos La Texanita.... a true gem for the area... and would also invite you to try the Shrimp or Mixed Molcajete at La Palapa on Lewis Rd just off Mendocino.

            I dig the Chicken Fried Steak at Chubby's Dinner on Santa Rosa Ave (in the Costco Shopping Center)... the guy who works the fryer on Fridays really knows what he is doing... and the sweated vegetables make a great side. Although I should note there is place called Marvins in Cotati that is supposed to be IT for CFS in this area... which I haven't tried.

            I highly recommend the Green Curry at Mekong Thai at Mission Blvd & Highway 12.

            I really dig Annapurna in the down town area for Tibetan Himelayan... its gone down hill as a Dinner destination place... but the lunch buffet is still one of the best chow values in the entire area.

            The Mushroom pizza by the slice at Mombo's (on Mendocino Ave) is just a notch below average slice joints in Manhattan (which I think is a huge compliment for California pizza joints).

            If you head down to Petaluma do try Taqueria Los Gallos... for the Shrimp a la Diabla (ask them to make it spicy) as well as the great Flan. Another Petaluma favorite is Graffitti which dishes out Calfornia cuisine that in my experience has been as good as any of the big hitters in the area... with a lot less pretense, hype or price tag.

            1. re: Eat_Nopal

              Nopal , being a year late is the story of my life . Can't thank you enough for this excellent post...I will put your suggestions to the test...thanks again .

        2. Bangkok Blvd in Rohnert Park for Thai
          Cafe St Rose in Santa Rosa (I only ate lunch there, but I believe he does dinner. He is amazing)
          Willow Wood in Graton - down home deliciousness
          Screaming Mimi's in Sebastopol - you must, they make it all there, the ice cream, the fudge, the waffle cones - I miss it greatly as I have yet to find decent ice cream in the San Diego area
          Sushi Tozai in Sebastopol

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            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              thank you robert , much needed you have favorites ?