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Aug 21, 2007 01:57 PM

Yellow tomatoes!

I am about to have a ridiculous amount of Lemon Boy yellow tomatoes. For some reason, this tomato plant has done better than any of the other 8 or 9 we planted this summer.
What should I do with them? They are very sweet, a bit watery, medium to large sized.

I had originally thought gazpacho, which I might still make, but my husband hates it.

Any suggestions are much appreciated! I can can as well, so keep that in mind.


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  1. There was a suggestion here about a vidallia onion and tomato tart recently - that might be good... or make a fresh tomato/pomodoro sauce with the yellow ones. I think that would be really pretty - you could always jar some up!

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    1. re: wino22

      I made that tart this weekend- it was wonderful.

      1. re: macca

        Can you point me in the direction of that tart recipe? It sounds great but I can't seem to find it. Thanks!

          1. re: macca

            Thanks! I think we're having BLTs for dinner this evening actually.

            I guess I'm more looking for what to do with LOTS of yellow tomatoes. We have about 8 or 9 tomato plants, so we'll have plenty for all of my summer faves like caprese, panzanella, bruschetta, etc. But I'm just not sure what to do the yellows. Can they be made into sauce like reds? I'm afraid they're too watery for much of those kinds of recipes, but I don't know.
            Thanks again everyone!

          2. re: ScarletB

            I don't think that watery tomatoes would be a good choice for this (think soggy crust).

      2. Also, try finding a tomato bisque recipe.
        Personally, I like slicing them up, getting some really good mozerella cheese and balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper and basil and making a caprese salad. There's NOTHING like a good tomato. Mmmmmmmm.

        1. My dad used to make us open faced sandwiches with our garden tomatoes. Lightly toast your favorite bread ( he liked scali), layer with bacon, then tomatoes, then cheese. Pop under the broiler to melt the cheese. Have not had one for years- I think maybe that will be supper one night this week. I also have tons of corn, and want to try my habnd at corn chowder.

            1. I was looking for another Sunday Suppers at Lucques recipe for you, but found a link to this yellow tomato gazpacho - as a number of you know, I've become a huge fan of that book, though I've not made this recipe.


     - the tomato confit used a bunch of yellow tomatoes - will see if I can find the recipe on line. Actually - if you click on the link in that post, the poster has the recipe on her site. And some gorgeous photos.

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                That tomato confit sounds great - I will definitely make it to go with shrimp and crusty bread. Yum! Thanks for the link.

                I think tomato chutney is another great idea, smartie. It might need to cook down more than with regular tomatoes, but that shouldn't be a problem I don't think. And then I can can it and give it out to people. I like that idea. Now I just need to find a good chutney recipe.

                1. re: ScarletB

                  Just saw this article in the NYT this morning - tomato recipes (generally - not just yellow) -


                2. re: MMRuth

                  I made the gazpacho recipe out of Sunday Suppers, but honestly didn't love it. The technique calls for pureeing the veggies in a blender, and I thought it aerated it to a very strange texture - kind of like a tomato milkshake.

                  On the other hand - I've got an idea that would address watery and large volume. Oven dried. Slice your tomatoes about 1/2 inch thick, put them single layer on a cookie sheet, spritz w/olive oil, light s&p, then put them in a very low oven (200, 250), and let them go a few hours. Keep tabs and pull them out when the edges begin to brown. These are wonderful to eat out of hand, so I can't say I've cooked with them. I'm sure they'd be great in a pasta or on a sandwich...

                  1. re: sasha1

                    We just made oven dried/slow roasted romas the other night and ate them on baguette slices with lemon chevre. Delish! I would be a bit concerned that by the time the yellow ones dried out, there wouldn't be much left other than skin :)
                    I may give it a shot though. Thanks!