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Aug 21, 2007 01:50 PM

Pasta alla Norma without the oil

Anybody have a recipe that doesn't involve frying the eggplant in a cup of oil?

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  1. oven-roast it in a nonstick pan. I cook eggplant like this frequently w/just a bit of evoo.

    1. I prefer to cut the eggplant like discs, salting for several hours, then brushing with olive oil and grilling. Salting and letting the eggplant drain for several hours is really necessary; otherwise, the eggplant will absorb any drop of oil it touches.

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      1. re: DCarbonaro

        Grilled flavors isn't something that I associate with pasta alla norma.

        1. re: jmax

          Not classically perhaps, but they make a wonderful addition! I grill them too, on a ridged grill pan. I think the flavour is fresher and nuttier, and does more justice to aubergines. The only issue is; they have got to be lovely, fresh aubergines, because grilling doesn't mask bitterness.