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Aug 21, 2007 01:47 PM

The best pizza place that delivers to Mahwah

OK, so all the pizza places that I love here don't deliver. I'm not talking thin crust, I mean just a regular cheese pizza. The places that I lvoe are La Gondalas (in Ramsey) and Tony's Brothers (in Oakland). These places don't deliver, though. Anyone have any pizza places taht they love and also will deliver?? Please don't suggest Sonny & Tony's. I find their pizza to be horrible and not sure why it's always packed.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Having just recently moved to Mahwah, I've been faced with a similar dilemma. I've ordered in from most of the local places, most of which I've forgotten their names (just the way I am wired). I've kind of come to the conclusion that if you want it -- you have to pick it up.

      I haven't tried the places you mentioned, but I will. There are just certain times you want to be able to order in a pie and enjoy it, rather than go out and go to Kinchley's or Roxanne's.

      Anyone else have any favorites? Anyway, the quest continues.


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        Decided to pick up a pie from La Gondalas tonight. OK, so they don't deliver. Regardless -- go there, pick up a pie -- it's worth it. Excellent pizza. Thanks for the heads up on this place.


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          I know - I love La Gondalas. My nextdoor neighbors always order from Jersey Boys. I've never tried it, but maybe I will one day - they deliver. I was talking to someone I know in Suffern and he said Il Villaggio Pizza is pretty good (in Suffern) not sure if they deliver though.

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            Where is Jersey Boys? If it's the one I am thinking of, I ordered from there. Do they deliver to Mahwah? If so, I am somewhat drawing a blank on them, the pie, etc. I remember getting home after driving for several hours, being hungry and tired and ordering. Certainly not ideal conditions for experiencing a new place, good pie, etc.

            I'll have to check out Il Villaggio -- hopefully, they deliver. If they don't, I'd rather be driving to La Gondolas.


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              I think Jersey Boys is on Route 17 and I've seen there car deliver to my nextdoor neighbor, so they definitely deliver. I would also highly recommend you drive to Oakland and get a pie at Tony's Brothers

      2. There is a new place in the strip mall off of Mcarthur Blvd next to Hudson United Bank. It used to be JP's and now it is under new owners and named Mahwah Pizza and Pasta. The Pizza and food are good. I recommend the chicken parm. pizza. They deliver too.

        1. I love Vito's Brick Oven Pizza in Suffern (Indian Rock Shopping Center, next to CVS)...they definitely deliver and their pizza is absolutely the best in the area. They have excellent traditional pizza and they also offer very creative ones as well. Their pizza has great flavor--they do NOT have cardboard crust and tasteless plastic cheese like a lot of other places. Plus, they have a lot of other great stuff on the menu.

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            Ooh, thanks! I'll definitely have to try Vito's now. I'll let you know how it goes.