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Best Steak Tartare

Looking for a place that does it very European---- with the raw egg, different condiments that you can mix yourself.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Les Halles does a good one -- they wheel out the cart and prepare it to your specifications. It comes with frites and a salad, I think --

    1. they mix it in front of you like that to your specifications at LES HALLES branches and at LE PERE PINARD on the les. i enjoy both versions equally.

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        Yes, LOVE Le Pere Pinard on Lower East Side. Remember that Employees Only had a great one as well.

      2. Artisinal, Orsay, La Goulue all have good versions....

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          Agreed - though none of them make it at the table. Also, Orsay's can be hit or miss - sometimes v. good, sometimes "eh".

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            Note - I corrected the address for La Goulue in Places, but it shows up incorrectly here - should be 746 Madison Ave.

            1057-59 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10021

            La Goulue
            746 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065

            2 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10016

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              employees only makes it table side.

              also, keen's tartare is by far my favorite.

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              I did not like Artisanal's steak tartare at all. It was way too processed, like beef mousse and it was way too acidic.

            3. Loved the steak tartare at Blue Ribbon, but no raw egg there. It came with homemade potato chips to scoop with.

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                Second the Blue Ribbon version. I also like the version at Dylan Prime, with a raw quail egg.

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                  Third! for the Blue Ribbon Steak tartare. No egg, but meat quality has always been excellent. And the homemade chips are perfect to eat it with. A tall cold beer and the steak tartare there makes my mouth water instantly.

                2. Has anyone had the steak tartare at the Petrossian? I have reservations there this Friday and was planning on having that as my entre.

                  1. Surprisingly good steak tartare at Insieme last week... Perfect combination of flavors.

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                      I also liked the tartare at Insieme. I didn't detect any egg in there but I could be wrong.

                    2. Just had one at brasserie ruhlman, prepared table side. pretty good with best fries ever.

                      1. Fresh meat, mmmm----Bistro 60, Markt, Balthazar, Pere Pinard, Casamir, Artisanal, Les Halles, Blue Ribbon, Orsay

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                          I'll second Bistro 60 - a cute little restaurant too.

                        2. i had some at quality meats where it came with a raw quail egg and a couple of small paddles(capers, red onions, various spices) where you mix the condiments yourself. they came out pretty good.

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                            I'm a massive fan of the steak tartare @ Casimir in the East Village. Happy eating!


                            103 Avenue B, New York, NY 10009

                            1. After I read this I got in the mood for raw beef-so off I went first to the Modern Bar for cocktails, then for my favorite kind of beef tartare-YOOK HWE -found in every Korean restaurant_I had mine at Korea Palace on E 54th. It is all made the same way-strips of very lean thinly sliced beef strips seasoned lightly with spy, sesame, sugar, a touch of garlic and raw asian pears-the whole dish is served ice cold and they mix it at table for you with a raw egg and spicy but not overly hot Korean hot sauce(koo chujung)-Veryyyyyyyyyyyy delicious especially with Soju!!! Try it-you will like pewrhaps better than traditional dish.

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                                I agree!! In fact, that's where I always go (down the block from my office) for my yook hwe. The asian pear gives it some sweetness. The meat is cut a bit chunkier than traditional tartare.

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                                  Blaue Gans gives you all the ingredients seperately to mix youself. It is not on the menu but has been a permanent special for months. Call ahead and check first

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                                  I can't wait to try this version asap!

                                3. I just discovered a contender for best steak tartare. On the specials for lunch today at BLT Steak served with some American caviar. Instead of the incredible buttered grilled country bread that they give you with it, its even better on the gruyere popover. MMMMMMMMMMMMM.

                                  1. Paradou (meatpacking) is a great place for mixing yourself. they serve the beef at the center of a piece of black slate with the accompaniments in small piles around the outside. and there's a quail egg in a half-cracked shell on top of the beef. it looks like a painter's palette - very pretty! cute place too with a back garden.