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Aug 21, 2007 01:42 PM

Excellent, Fairly Well-Priced Seafood in Bergen County?

I'm looking for a few restaurants in the Bergen County area that include Lobster and/or Crabs. Willing to travel, but not willing to pay thru-the-nose :(

I know it's difficult for Bergen County, especially, but any suggestions?


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  1. There are very few restaurants in Bergen County that are reasonable in price for good seafood, especially with the overall high price of lobster this summer. However, there are some really great Spanish restaurants that serve lobster that are usually reasonable in price. I know that Spain and Segovia, both in Moonachie, have good food.

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      It has no ambience, but some of the freshest, well-prepared seafood is being done by Maywood Seafood Gourmet, right in town on Pleasant Ave. They ran a retail market for years, and 2 years ago opened up a 15-table restaurant behind the shop. Everything here is fabulous, but the atmosphere is bare bones. Very reasonable pricing as well.