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Aug 21, 2007 01:41 PM

Fireplace Restaurant

My company is doing it's bi-annual dinner out and we've picked the Fireplace Restaurant in Brookline. Some people are wary of the place since nobody in our crew has ever eaten there. Looking around at reviews from boston.com, it looks like there are many complaints about the service. Has anybody eaten there recently? How was the overall exerience?

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. I have eaten there several times in the past and had good experiences both with food and service. The last time was at Christmas. I had a meeting scheduled in Brookline during RW so we decided to go there after the meeting....big mistake. Chowder, Burger and Root Beer Float is not a bargain @ $33.07. Actually it ended up costing $65.00 each with wines. To top it off our waiter was totally clueless and condescending in addition. Even keeping in mind it was restaurant week, I will never return. It's the only truly bad RW experience I have ever had but I usually go to the more high end restaurants such as Sorellina, Excelsior, Rialto and Davios during that time.

    I hope that you have a better experience. Please let us know after you go.

    1. wifey and I ate there several times a week due to its proximity to our former digs, and had a wide range of experiences. Positives: Classic New England style preparations, seemingly fresh and well seasoned- succotash, mussels, clams, shellfish in general, and comfort foods. Less success (IMHO) with any game or carnivorous pursuits. Cozy room (duh- a fireplace) but never ate there with a party larger than 4. As for the service, we gave 3 tries in DRoom and gave up, all 3 were plain amateur- one horrific, which at those prices is not OK. Subsequent nights at the bar, proved less harried, but never feeling like we spent good dime given the options in the vicinity. The food was at times good, especially the appetizers/salads/soups, yet the meats often overcooked, and the staff often seemed preoccupied. The Chef/Owner at the time was in his share of legal difficulties, and I have not been in there over 9 months, so things may be drastically different now, but nonetheless, my 2 cents.

      1. Live right in washington square and I refuse to go there other than for a sunday brunch (they make a good eggs benedict). Other than that its competely mediocre with bad management.

        1. I warned my co-workers that I've heard the waitstaff is rude but we've all agreed to stick with it. We're all mainly interested in the food and drinks. Actually now that word is out we're having great fun imagining what we'd do with a rude waiter. We're quite a bunch at our get togethers and they'll be in for a surprise if anybody's unneccessarily snotty to us! (Though if we get a sweet mannered wait staff, they'll be fawned over.) One odd thing is their reservation policy, you have to give them a final headcount of how many are in your party and then they charge $25 for every no show. Is that a standard practice?

          Common sense though tells me that any restaurant will be courteous to a potential dinner bill in the 4 figure range but maybe I'm being naive.

          Thanks everyone for responding and I'll write back about how it goes after this Friday.

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            I've never heard that one anywhere. I get annoyed enough when you have to give a credit card to reserve for 4 or 6 people.

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              It's a New York City trick - Tribeca Grille made me do this on a Sat night rezzie for 6 people.

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              I have not experienced that policy anywhere even with large groups. The only time a restaurant should hold to a guarantee # is with a set menu which makes sense to me.

            3. I've been going here since literally the night after it opened. I have never had a rude waitperson. I've had some less talkative than others, but never out and out rude (like I have at, say, Washington Square Tavern, which I still love because the food is so good). I've been for brunch, dinner, lunch, drinks... you name it, and I'm never dissatisfied. I find the management to be approachable and involved, something I don't see a whole lot of in other places. (wait, I take that back - one night I was there with a friend and we were one of a few people still listening to the live music, which is usually a very cool, laid back scene and there was a manager that night who was a woman maybe in her 20's, 30's and she was pretty rude to the musicians and kicked everyone out as soon as closing time hit. I hope she's gone. She sucked. But I never saw her there before late night hours.)

              I've never gone with more than three people, though, so maybe that's the key? It might be - I know that in the past year they've added a catering business and a separate person to manage it. I wonder if that person also manages large groups/private parties.

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                friend orders ribeye medrare, i pause, order "I'll have the same entree, rare" I'm brought the salmon. I politely inform server he has brought wrong entree, and offer that Salmon may have sounded like "same". He puffs, wipes sweat from brow, and removes both entrees and storms off. We sit 25 minutes, more. no return from server, no manager comes. No explaination. Steaks arrive (60+ minutes after ordered) both well over done. Server, drops with huff. returns 10 minutes later. Want it recooked. he never shows. I feel bad for him, but I'm paying 25 bucks for it. you get the picture.