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South of Tucson?

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Wif and I will be exploring some of the towns south of Tucson next week (2 nights in Green Valley, 1 in Sierra Vista, and last night in Tombstone) and need some recommendations for lunch and dinner spots. Also, are any of the wineries open during the week (Tuesday through Friday)?

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  1. We were down in this part of the state a couple weeks ago. There aren't tons of options but we found some good choices. Lots of places closed and on limited hours - especially on weekdays. Are you set on Tombstone? Not much there at all(especially in terms of food!). You might prefer staying in Bisbee instead which isn't very far away at all.

    Here's some reviews from when we were there
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    1. In Green Valley, check out Trattoria Ragazzi. They do some really nice Italian dishes (Emiligio Romana province style). Their chef used to be a cook at Il Fornaio in Cali. Haven't had a bad meal yet. Last time I had the provolone stuffed chicken breasts with roasted vegetables. Very very good.

      Trattoria Ragazzi
      101 S LA CANADA DR