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Aug 21, 2007 12:58 PM

Naruto Ramen?

Saw a new awning up for a Japanese Restaurant called "Naruto Ramen" up on 3rd Ave. between 89th & 90th that is still not opened.

Anyone know or hear anything about this?

REALLY hope we get a GOOD Ramen Joint on the UES! Would add some great "FLAVOR".

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  1. My spies told me same thing-but not open yet. Please let us know if u try and i will do the same-can't wait!

    1. My girlfriend walked by yesterday, and it looked like the place was open. Hoping to make it out there today - if it is even halfway decent, my daily bowl of cereal will be a bowl of ramen, with chashu for sliced bananas.

      1. Now open!!! Opened last week Wed. Tried it-decent noodles and broth-wish it was a little hotter in temperature but the noodles are right on-texture wise and the real deal. Garnishes are not spectacular-hope they work on this. Entire place is counter seating only-great addition to UES.

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          I went last night, and I have to say that I was overally pretty happy with the experience. The Ramen is, as a previous poster had hoped, "halfway decent" and while this isn't exactly a isn't exactly a resounding review, those of from the UES get that it's good enough(funny how we're willing to be so lenient with Upper East Side restaurants). Admittedly, my only real experience with other Ramen places is Momofuku Noodle Bar, and it really should go without saying that Momofuku this place is not. Yes, the broth was good and the noodles had the "al-dente" hardness to them, but the pork was tough and all the ingredients just didn't blend together into one seamless, coherent bowl like it does at Momofuku.

          It's less of a Ramen restaurant, and more of a Ramen "joint." I would liken the feel and also the visual of Naruto to a place like Dumpling Man in the East Village. As of right now, there is no sake or any other alcoholic beverage on the menu. Also the place is very dark and dumpy looking which kind of dwarfed the coolness that I think me and many others were expecting from the counter seating only.

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            This place is a fun addition to the bland UES scene. It compares favorably to downtown ramen joints like Rai Rai Ken, and I think I even preferred their ramen to theirs (more well rounded broth and better noodles although the toppings were scarce and of mediocre quality). Seemed fairly authentic. I wouldn't bother comparing it to Momofuku which is not authentic Japanese ramen. It'll be nice for cool fall and winter nights.

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            1. Naruto reminds me of the basic ramen "joints" that sustained me when I visited Japan, in taste, smell and atmosphere (or lack of). I agree with the other posters that the toppings could be better. The corn was my surprise favorite - its' sweetness is a nice foil to the curry soup. The roast pork is uneven, sometimes it's on and sometimes it's tough.

              This is definitely UES side prices for a bowl of noodles in broth - expect to put down 10 bucks after tax and tip.

              I hope they do well, it's a welcome addition to the 'hood. The number of Japanese customers I see in there whenever I pass by is a good sign.

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                1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                  I realize it doesn't count as lately, but for what it's worth we were there in September or so last year and the place had really settled down into its groove. They were having specials, like a few dollars off ramen on Mondays, half price gyoza, and seemed to have gotten down the miso and shoyu ramen pretty well.

                  Still not a Rai Rai or Ippudo though.