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Aug 21, 2007 12:54 PM

Organic Maryland apples or peaches???

Does anyone know where to find locally grown organic apples or peaches? Or any other fruit for that matter. We go to the Waverly (32nd St) farmer's market, and no one there is doing organic or even integrated pest management (a practice that still allows chemicals but only as a last resort) fruit. veggies yes. fruit, other than strawberries back in june, no. we also have been able to find organic local blueberries.

The only producer we know of is Larriland Farms for IPM fruit, and they're an hour plus each way. We would love to know about any other Maryland or even southern PA organic growers.



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  1. Check at some other farmer's markets in the area. A quick check of some of the vendor's at various markets here in DC shows that Toigo Orchards of Shippensburg, PA uses IPM, Country Pleasures in Frederick is certified organic, and D&S in St. Mary's uses IPM. As a starting point try and click through some of the farms on there.

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          yep, sure have. in case i have not made it clear we have basically exhausted internet research to find organic md or southern pa apples and peaches local to baltimore (within 100 miles). we don't need more links to try. what we need is if you know a specific place that you have found organic tree fruit. thanks for thinking on it!


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            country pleasures farm as mentioned in my post above sells at farmers markets in the dc area (a lot less than 100 miles), including sunday mornings in dupont circle. they have a certified organic orchard and sell organic tree fruit at the markets they participate in. sunnyside organic farm is also organic and sells at the dupont circle market, among others. theres also reid's orchards that do ipm and they sell at markets in dc and baltimore (they're website lists the 32nd st market as one their at)

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              Reid's is also at the Sunday farmers market under the JFX (in Baltimore)

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                ok, but when i asked the guy at reid's back in july, when peaches first came in, i had to EXPLAIN to him what IPM means. and he wasn't just some hired counter kid, this guy worked at reid's farm.

                i can't find a website for reid's, can you please direct me? i just called and left a message asking them to get back to me. if reid's does do IPM, this will be wonderful!


                1. re: lulubijou

                  I have no idea if Reid's does IPM. I don't even know what it is. I was just adding where they are on Sundays.

                  1. re: Hal Laurent

                    IPM = integrated pest management. It's a common sense method of insect and disease control using pesticides and chemicals only as a very last resort. Farmers and gardeners try to use pest and disease resistant varieties of plants, natural predators and parasites, and natural methods to control things instead of just spraying at the first sign of problems. Sometimes farmers can go for several years without using anything. Sometimes, it's impossible to grow a certain crop in some areas without some spray at some stage.
                    Someone told me that there are some varieties of heirloom apples and peaches that can't be grown organically but can be grown using IPM. Some things just can't be grown organically.

                  2. re: lulubijou

                    the website i was using to look for places was the one i mentioned above. it is not the reid's website, but has a writeup done after an interview with reid's. the address is:

      1. There are places where you can pick your own apples. I remember one in Westminster, MD. Maybe Baughers does that... I forget the names. I don't know if it is organic or not though. I imagine it is probably is.