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Aug 21, 2007 12:47 PM

Poutine, my cold weather craving

Is there any where in in DC or close by in MD (as in on the redline) that serves poutine? This weather is making me crave poutine.

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  1. Educate the rest of us...what exactly is poutine? (Besides sounding like a Russian President. :) )

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    1. re: Elyssa

      French Canadian comfort food-french fries topped with fresh cheese curds and hot brown gravy.

      1. re: Elyssa

        A quick Googling...

        Fries w/ fresh cheese and gravy. Sounds tasty! And healthy too :)

        1. re: Hapa Dude


          Will gravy fries do? I'm pretty sure they have them at Brickskeller...cheese fries with gravy...mmmmmmm.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Jimmy's Old Town Tavern in Herndon, while not in MD or DC, is certainly closer than Quebec. I have not had them, but they are on the menu.

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          1. re: lmnopeas

            Lmnopeas, what do you think of the food and the atmosphere at Jimmy's in general? I'm in DC but I'm considering driving out to Herndon just to have the poutine. I see they've got fish and chips on Friday nights so I might just turn it into one big grease-fest. Is there any thought put into the food or is it more of an afterthought? Thanks in advance.

            1. re: MaxDC

              Food is definitely not an afterthought at Jimmy's...easily my favorite non-chain place in NoVA for "bar food." The Friday fish fry would be a good time to visit. For a place with Buffalo roots I would hope for tastier wings though.

              1. re: MaxDC

                I've only been there a couple of times, but the food was much better than you would expect. I had some pretty good jambalaya and very nice pierogies. I believe it tends to get more crowded and smokier on weekend evenings, so if you hit it earlier in the day, you should be in good shape. It is a fun place.

                1. re: lmnopeas

                  Great thanks! I think we're gonna try to get out there early Friday evening. I'll let you know how the poutine is.

              2. re: lmnopeas

                *tears of joy* Gosh, I hope it stays cool until the weekend!

                1. re: botnot

                  Unfortunately it's supposed to be 95 and humid by Saturday, which is definitely NOT poutine weather...but still, I'm interested in going out to this joint just to check it out. Now if they only had some Maudite beer to go along! Bon santé!

              3. Just wanted to check back in and say we did make it out to Herndon the other week to try the poutine.

                Was it worth a drive from DC just for the poutine? No, but it was a cool place and we had some tasty food. I'm going to try to attach a couple pics I took with my cell phone, but the poutine is not made in the traditional Quebec way. The main difference is that they don't use cheese curds but rather just layer on American cheese and let it melt onto the fries. In this sense, it's basically a plate of cheese fries except that they have a bit of gravy on them. The gravy, by the way, was pretty tasty and very similar to what most places in Quebec will use on poutine. The fries were "Boardwalk fries," which if you've ever been to the beaches you'll be familiar with. They're pretty good but nothing to write home about.

                We were there on a Friday night which is their fish fry night. I ordered the fish, which came with yet more fries (though you can also get perogies instead). It was a very tasty white fish (haddock i believe) fried up perfectly. Add a couple Bass ales on top and it was a very fine evening of fried food, though I was popping the Tums on the way home.

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                1. re: MaxDC

                  yeah, i'm from Canada and that really doesn't look like a poutine

                2. Thank you, botnot, for this post, thank you lmnopeas for the recommendation, and thanks to MaxDC for your follow up. I was looking out the window this morning, getting hungry for lunch, when I thought, "Today would be a great day for poutine. I wish I still lived in Montreal." So I did a quick search and found my way to this post. I had to register (you can see how inspired I was by the name I chose). Thanks for the info y'all (yes, originally a Southerner). I was about to drive out there for the poutine asap, but I may wait until winter.

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                  1. re: poutine_girl

                    Ahh yes Montréal, how I miss thee. I spent a semester at McGill and minored in poutine. I think we need to convince a DC restaurant to offer the dish.

                    1. re: MaxDC

                      I'd settle for the Montreal smoked meats.

                    2. re: poutine_girl

                      Vive la Montreal. We went there earlier this summer and had the pleasure of dining at Pied du Cuchon. The poutine avec fois gras was unearthly. It would be hard to anyone around here to duplicate the same flavor and taste...but one can only hope!!