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Aug 21, 2007 12:22 PM

Your favorite smoothie!

I recently purchased a blender to make smoothies at home.
I've been reading different recipes and though most recipes are very stright forward and easy, they all seemed to be different. Even making a simple thing as Strawberry banana smoothie, one recipe calls for buttermilk...the other recipe says just add ice and another recipe says to add milk..and other says, frozen yogurt.
so what's your favorite smoothie recipe?

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  1. Did you see this thread?

    I Finally Bought A Blender: Your Favorite Thick Shake Recipes Please!

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    1. re: yayadave

      I have this daily for lunch:

      1/3 cup apple juice (for sweetness)
      1/2 cup non-fat plain organic yogurt
      1 scoop protein powder (whey protein)
      1 Tablespoon flaxseed oil
      1 banana
      2/3 cup frozen strawberries
      1/3 cup frozen blueberries

      Put the liquids in first, then the frozen stuff. Whir it up and enjoy!

      1. re: yayadave

        I keep a bag of frozen fruit (fresh that I cut up, then froze) in the freezer just for smoothies. Often it is strawberries, peaches, pineapple, and banana. But I also really like just blueberries and banana. I blend the frozen fruit with soymilk and oj. No extra sweetener or ice needed!

      2. This morning I made the best one I've had in a while:

        fresh fruit (my favorites are berries and peaches- this morning it was strawberries and raspberries) yogurt, buttermilk, and some agave nectar for sweetness. If I have any, I like to throw in some milled flaxseeds for some extra nutrients. (they don't affect the flavor or the texture, IMO)

        The buttermilk is not necessary, but sure tasted good! I just happened to have some leftover from some baking a few days ago.

        I'm not a big fan of ice in my smoothies- but that's a matter of opinion.

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        1. re: mchan02

          that sounds delicious.
          what kind of yogurt do you use? the whole milk yogurt? Greek yogurt?
          i thoght putting buttermilk was odd but i guess not.

          1. re: Monica

            I use whatever kind of yogurt I happen to have on hand- Clover Stornetta Organic Plain is whats in my fridge right now, but I also love Straus. Stonyfield Farm and Brown Cow are also good ones. As long as its not too thick (i.e. not Greek).

            I usually get don't get whole milk yogurt because I think the lowfat (and sometimes even nonfat) tastes just as good.

            I was weirded out by buttermilk until recently when I actually tasted's got a liquidy, tangy, almost-yogurt flavor.

        2. My new favorite is plain yogurt, trader joe's frozen mango, and a bit of sugar or honey. Sorry, I have no idea of measurements. But it comes out with the most amazing texture, almost like sherbet. And the flavor is great too.

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          1. re: maillard

            I like 1 scoop jif peanut butter, 1 lg. ripe banana, 2 scoops vanilla ice cream old fashioned style. 2. I like 1 ripe elberta peach not peeled 2 scoops vanilla ice cream,
            fill it whith buttermilk. and 1 tbsp of clove honey. mighty tasty......

            1. re: bigjimbray

              I sometimes puree some unsalted peanuts with a liquid I'm planning to use such as soy,rice or almond milk,fruit juices add my fruit and protein powder....... when available leftover oatmeal.I like at times adding carbonated water or seltzer to fresh fruit if I add any of the milks to that it's kinda like a Julius.........crushed juice ice or expresso

          2. I make this smoothy every day for my high school runner. Juice (Kerns strawberry banana from the refrigerator case), 2 big glops of strawberry yogurt, 1 banana, and crushed ice. Its the first thing she wants when she gets home from school.