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Aug 21, 2007 12:01 PM

Wifi/Coffee in Queens?

Does anyone know of any good cafes or restaurants with wifi in Queens, especially around Jacksoon Heights and Astoria? Starbucks closes at 10, and I'm looking for something that closes a bit later. Thanks!

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  1. Try Esparks on Steinway...I think they're open until 11 or so..

    1. i live in JH and am desperately looking for a place with wi-fi, even with normal hours. let me know if you hear anything. the nabe really needs a wifi shop.

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      1. re: ethnic

        78-25 is the location of the new starbucks that is being worked on right now. JH will also be getting a new coffee shop called espresso 77 which is on 77th street off of 37th avenue in the direction of 35th avenue. They will also have wifi. I hope this helps.

        1. re: bebe

          To further bebe's post, everything I hear about Espresso 77 indicates that they will be having their grand opening any day now.

          1. re: sandrina

            They were getting ready to install their awning this past week. Storefront looks nearly complete. Maybe in a week or so they'll open?

            1. re: spanishfish

              so much for the "week or so" still no signs of life...

      2. Any word on Espresso 77? I'm so excited to have a coffehouse in the neighborhood! Guess I'll haveto go over there and take a look. I must have past it a dozen times and not noticed.... Anyone know any more info?

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        1. re: elkler

          the awning is up -- so hopefully the paper will come off the windows very very soon...

          1. re: jennsch

            permit issues. they are ready to go, but can't open 'til the city says they can. it could be a week, a get the idea

            1. re: esteban

              I can't even begin to imagine the confusion that goes with that process. Here's to hoping they get through it on the sooner side.

              1. re: jennsch

                The biggest pain is the Health Inspection (I'm an architect, and have done some restaurants before). It's an even bigger pain if you have to have a commercial kitchen (ANSUL) fire supression system installed and inspected. There's only a few inspectors in NY and they take their time.

        2. The owner posted on the jackson heights family list serve. They had to switch contractors which took extra time and now she just gave birth so they are postponing the opening which should have already been. They will be at the jackson heights food festival with their coffee on the 30th of september. If you are anxious for a taste you can attend. It will be at the saint marks church on 34th avenue and 82nd street. Other vendors and restaurants from the neighborhood will be there and the food goes from 1-3 dollars.

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          1. re: bebe

            what is the JH family list serve? Off topic, I know.

            1. re: spanishfish

              it's a yahoo group list that anyone in JH can join -but you have to request permission (you don't need to have kids). google yahoo group lists and then type in jackson heights and you will find it. There is also going to be a JH online forum very soon - launching in October, modelled after and linked to for a larger community.

            2. re: bebe

              The TASTE OF JACKSON HEIGHTS is part of the Film & Food Festival this weekend, and the food part is actually on Saturday the 29th. Check out for more info.

            3. You can also try Mistic (sic) Planet, on Northern Blvd. and I think 86th St., same block as Pio Pio. It does't look all that inviting from the front, but it's a nice place, quiet, with a GARDEN out back and great Sangria. The neighbors also have a rather vocal rooster, a nice surprise in the middle of the city.