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Aug 21, 2007 12:00 PM

SF Cafe with food and wifi?

I'm planning a meeting for six people where we need to be able to have a casual lunch, access to wifi and the ability to talk for ~2 hours. Something like Crossroads Cafe but with wifi. Central SF would be ideal as we are coming from all SF points, but given the requirements, we're willing to travel unequally. We are planning to meet on a weekend day.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations!

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  1. You might look here:

    If you find something with a decent lunch, that would be great info to know.

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    1. re: ML8000

      Great resources, thanks! Anyone familiar with these?
      -Bazaar Cafe, California/21st
      -Bean Bag Cafe, Hayes & Divisadero
      -Kaleo Cafe, Irving near 14th

      Otherwise Axis and Eguna Basque are great bets and I'm going to drive by Kape later today.

      1. re: bernalgirl

        Bazaar Cafe is one of my favorite cafe's in the city- it's kind of far away, so it's not usually crowded, and the back garden is beautiful and peaceful. Their food is decent- I've had some good soups, but I dont usually go there for the food. This would be a great place for a meeting.

        1. re: bernalgirl

          Bean Bag's got okay food, but it's not too clean, and not really room for 6. Cafe Abir (a block away) is a somewhat better choice, but it's quite popular so you might hit a brunch crowd.

          Kaleo's a good place for an intimate meeting because it tends to be quiet, or with Hawaiian music. Food is mostly of the reheated noodle variety, with an occasionally creamy coconut cake. I'd meet a friend there, but probably not have a business meeting. The Inner Sunset is definitely hurting since Canvas closed.

          Probably also worth adding Atlas Cafe to this list, but it's too popular on the weekends. During the week, you could snag one of the tables on the patio.

          1. re: Windy

            Is Cafe Abir still alive? I was driving by the a couple of weeks ago
            looking for an alterate cafe because of some function at Rital and
            I thought I saw a bunch of crap stacked up in the main space and
            it looked pretty non-operational.

            re: Bean Bag: yeah, that's more of a neighborhood crepe place
            than a cafe. I might go to the DELESSIO-FALETTI-PETES COMPLEX
            in that area instead. The have parking, but I dunno if they are hostile
            to lingering.

            BTW, BBag and Abir dont have free WiFi, do they? If you drop free good quality
            Wifi, that opens up a lot of options [Grove, Farley, DPark Cafe [which i am not
            that fond of] etc]

            1. re: psb

              Bean Bag does have wifi.

              I thought Abir did too, but not sure. They were redoing the space, which is why it was boarded up. Should be finished soon, if not already.

              BTW Yelp listings include a note about wifi. Often faster than dealing with a small cafe's own website and looking for the info.

      2. Maybe Cafe Los Cubanos in Laurel.

        1. axis cafe is great -- it's located at 16th and 8th in potrero hill. nice large space, big tables, great food, artsy decor. crossroads and axis are my two favorite cafes in town.

          1. One option is Kape on 16th near Sanchez (close to Joseph Schmidt). It's quiet, has easy parking, and comfy chairs. Tasty food--sort of Cuban/Filipino, but everything from quiches to bagels and pastry.

            L's Caffe on 24th and Harrison is another good choice. Metered parking, delicious sandwiches, very relaxed atmosphere.

            1. My first thought would be Eguna Basque, the daytime little sister to Iluna Basque. Comfortable, quiet room with good wifi signal and tasty cafe fare. The food isn't really Basque, more all-purpose continental, with crepes, quiche, paninis, etc. Menupages has the menu (second link below). I don't know Crossroads Cafe but Eguna is the kind of place where you can sit on sofas or stuffed chairs around a table.



              Eguna Basque
              1657 Powell St
              San Francisco, CA 94133
              Phone: (415) 362-2141