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Aug 21, 2007 11:44 AM

Favorite Tea Sandwich Fillings

A friend and I are in charge of the tea sandwiches for a baby shower this coming weekend. Anyone have any favorite fillings other than the usual cucumber, smoked salmon, egg salad, etc. I recently had tea at the Ritz in San Francisco (the best!) and had a sandwich with a red pepper mousse filling (maybe roasted red pepers mixed with cream cheese?) that was wonderful. Thanks!

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  1. I love a curried chicken salad filling. So British!

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    1. re: bon_vivant

      I second the curried chicken salad. I served them for a bridal shower and the crowd raved. (And they were a tough crowd-you should have seen the wine they drank!) I also include toasted slivered almonds and dried apricots, chopped finely.

    2. my favorite: a little bit of cheese (you can experiment with what kind), sliced cucumber, very little bit of mayo, and more cilantro (green) chutney

      it's tangy fun and you don't have to have the cheese...

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        i love the cheese and chutney sandwich! i also recommend using a sharp cheddar with mango chutney. excellent combo!

        also, how about fig jam and gorgonzola? or plum jam, ricotta, and arugula?


      2. My mother used to take a small can of asparagus tips and mash with cream cheese and season with lemon juice. Also, grind cooked ham and add crushed pineapple and mayo. Make a shrimp paste with a bit of onion and celery. One grandmother ground plumped, drained raisins with toasted pecans and a bit of mayo to spread on whole wheat bread. The ladies in the town where I grew up were whizzes with cream cheese!

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          Spread cream cheese (whipped first) on thin sliced nut bread. That's always good and makes a nice color contrast from the white bread sandwiches.

        2. To vary the "look" of the plate, try a thinly sliced date loaf spread with cream cheese and chutney or hot pepper jelly. You once could buy this date loaf in a can that made for a more interesting shape, but I don't know if that is still available?

          1. Along the same lines as the red pepper mousse, you could make an upscale pimento cheese mousse using pimentos, sharp cheddar, cream cheese (probably whipped instead of the block), a little mayo (Duke's!), salt and a few dashes of chipotle Tabasco sauce. Blend in the food processor till smooth.