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Favorite Tea Sandwich Fillings

A friend and I are in charge of the tea sandwiches for a baby shower this coming weekend. Anyone have any favorite fillings other than the usual cucumber, smoked salmon, egg salad, etc. I recently had tea at the Ritz in San Francisco (the best!) and had a sandwich with a red pepper mousse filling (maybe roasted red pepers mixed with cream cheese?) that was wonderful. Thanks!

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  1. I love a curried chicken salad filling. So British!

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      I second the curried chicken salad. I served them for a bridal shower and the crowd raved. (And they were a tough crowd-you should have seen the wine they drank!) I also include toasted slivered almonds and dried apricots, chopped finely.

    2. my favorite: a little bit of cheese (you can experiment with what kind), sliced cucumber, very little bit of mayo, and more cilantro (green) chutney

      it's tangy fun and you don't have to have the cheese...

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        i love the cheese and chutney sandwich! i also recommend using a sharp cheddar with mango chutney. excellent combo!

        also, how about fig jam and gorgonzola? or plum jam, ricotta, and arugula?


      2. My mother used to take a small can of asparagus tips and mash with cream cheese and season with lemon juice. Also, grind cooked ham and add crushed pineapple and mayo. Make a shrimp paste with a bit of onion and celery. One grandmother ground plumped, drained raisins with toasted pecans and a bit of mayo to spread on whole wheat bread. The ladies in the town where I grew up were whizzes with cream cheese!

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          Spread cream cheese (whipped first) on thin sliced nut bread. That's always good and makes a nice color contrast from the white bread sandwiches.

        2. To vary the "look" of the plate, try a thinly sliced date loaf spread with cream cheese and chutney or hot pepper jelly. You once could buy this date loaf in a can that made for a more interesting shape, but I don't know if that is still available?

          1. Along the same lines as the red pepper mousse, you could make an upscale pimento cheese mousse using pimentos, sharp cheddar, cream cheese (probably whipped instead of the block), a little mayo (Duke's!), salt and a few dashes of chipotle Tabasco sauce. Blend in the food processor till smooth.

            1. There's a place by me that makes an amazing tea sandwich - they use mini apricot/raisin or currant scones, a thickish slice of baked ham and some honey mustard. Also a thin slice of tenderloin with some horseradish mayo would be a nice one as well.

              1. This thread is making me hunger for an opportunity to make/serve/eat these little dainties...how come we save this kind of food (which is SO much more fun than some of the supposedly sophisticated appetizers served at cocktail parties) for such few-and-far-between events like bridal teas and baby showers?

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                  I don't save these wonderful sandwiches for just bridal showers and such. My family loves tea sandwiches so much that we make a dinner of them every couple of weeks or so. I don't care what sandwich fillings are there, as long as my favorite pimiento cheese is there! Add a pot of tea, some vegetables and/or fruit, and that's dinner.

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                    Wow, what a great idea..A dinner with tea sandwiches of all sorts...Yum! Well my suggestions have already been mentioned, that being good sharp cheese with mango chutney and gouda sliced thinly and spread with fig jam...Those are my favorites...I do love cream cheese spread thinly on a date nut bread or banana nut bread as well...

                2. A twist on the herbed cream cheese with cucumber. Recently have used light Alouette Cheese (found in the cheese case, lighted whipped gourmet spread) and it's great. You could blend in some red peppers to have the same (lighter) consistency as the Ritz.

                  Brie, walnut and apple on spice bread or regular bread.

                  I've been to this site for inspiration, it's got recipes...


                  I've had the Ritz tea in Orlando, it's great! Might want to make your own lemon curd, it's easy and SOOoooooo much better than the store bought stuff. Post back if you need a recipe.


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                    I would love to have your lemon curd recipe. I love it, and my mother is addicted to it. Thanks!

                  2. If I were to get creative, perhaps: raspberry preserve and fennel-roasted pork, caviar and quail eggs, manchego/quince/serrano ham, red curry shrimp mousse with cress. These are more plays on classic themes but I like: smoked salmon-horseradish mousse and chili egg salad (eggs, celery, diced bell pepper, diced red onion, thyme, garlic powder, mayo, sambal oelek, white wine vinegar).

                    When I have my own tea, I like Branston pickle with cheddar and/or bacon, though that might be too heavy for your shower.

                    1. Some favorites of mine:

                      Take some bay shrimp and mix with mayonnaise, chopped dill weed and some fresh lemon juice to taste. Garnish with a thin slice (think mandoline) of cucumber.

                      A variation on the egg salad would be to sprinkle finely chopped walnuts and top with alfalfa sprouts.

                      Another variation on the cream cheese theme is to take ortega anaheim chili peppers and sort of shred/slice them lengthwise then lay them over the cream cheese. Then take a thin slice of salami and make a cut from the center to the edge. Twist the cut edges in opposite directions and place it over the the cream cheese 'n' chili so the slice is standing up!

                      1. Since the top slice of tea sandwiches tends to dry out fast I suggest doing what you can as open faced (for example- use a small round cutter for egg or chicken salad type fillings and top with a small tangle of spicy sprouts), and you can also do wraps on big tortillas making sure to use enough cream cheese so they stay closed and fill them nice and full, then slice into attractive spirals, about 3/4 inch thick.

                        In addition to the great suggestions above, I like a nice crab and avocado salad with lime and cilantro, and sharp cheddar with ripe tomato, arugula, and a little mayo.

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                          When I was in Verona, Italy I had the most amazing sandwich. Maybe it tasted so good because we ate them in a park on a gorgeous summer day, but I recreated it at home once and it was *almost* as good. The bread had the sort of taste, texture and size as that very square-shaped, thinly-sliced Arnold Bread. The bread was buttered and on it was a thin slice of ham, a layer of thinly sliced hardboiled egg, a layer of cooled, sauteed mushrooms and topped with another buttered slice. The crusts were trimmed, of course. The ingredients were not piled on, but rather carefully placed to make filled, thin layers. I would suggest that seasoning the mushrooms and lightly salting and peppering the egg slices would make all the difference. A *bit* time consuming to create, but man was it good.

                        2. Ratatouille and ricotta mixed with basil and oregano.

                          Roasted mashed garlic spread, caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes, mozzarella and/or mascarpone and/or parmesan.