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Aug 21, 2007 11:03 AM

Is there any place worth eating in Concord?


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  1. No. :-D

    Actually, New London Pizza has excellent Greek-style pizza, and there's a sandwich shop downtown that isn't bad (the name escapes me). But the other places I've tried in Concord have been middling at best.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I LOVE New London's Greek salad. Huge hunk of feta. A superb example of the salad-in-the-plastic-box genre. Their pizza is tolerable, as well, not nearly as bad as other Greek-style pizzas. I actually prefer it to Sorrento's, which I find incredibly plain tasting.

      Agree on Serafina's: not bad, nothing to get too excited about either.

    2. Serafina (an Italian place) is about as good as it gets. It's not bad, but not as good as the best spots in Boston's North End.

      1. Actually, New London is pretty tasty for Greek, which I don't usually like. I also find that Sorrento serves a decent pie considering the dearth of thin-crust in the burbs. Not much atmosphere. Lando's in Acton does decent pizza and subs take-out.

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        1. re: bear

          If we're stretching into Acton, I'll suggest Le Lyonnaise (a French sit down place), which I enjoyed very much.

        2. Good lunches available at La Provence, across from the depot - French, of course, and occasional North African; excellent selection of pastries. They also do a brisk take-out business.

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            You have to really like Greek style pizza to go to New London. Otherwise, the best places for pizza are Lando's and Sorrento. O'Naturals in Acton is passable for a non-sit down meal. Serafina and Vincenzo are nothing special. Chang An is good (though some really don't like it). Not much to choose from in the Concord area.

            1. re: laulauman

              How's the little sandwich place near the hardware store?

          2. The headline caught my attention. This CH moved from SF Bay Area to West Concord one week ago. In the midst of unpacking and summer fun, I have discovered a gem in the Center of West Concord. You'll have to decide if that constitutes high-jacking the thread :-)

            Walden Italian Kitchen serves salad wraps and pizza slices that work for the kids. They also have a nice list of pasta dishes but their *pasta specials* are the real find here.

            Sunday I had a butternut squash ravioli in a pink sauce with steamed broccoli and carrots. Last week a linguini pesto w/ artichoke. linguini with sea scallops

            We have only done take-out but there are some tables -- they wrap up the take out very nicely.

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            1. re: neil

              Welcome to the neighborhood Neil. I run the 5 and 10 a few doors down from Walden, and sometimes do break down and go there for lunch, but a simple fruit salad from Teacakes down the street is my usual fix. If I want to splurge I go over to Twin Seafood, fish and chips, fried clams or a grilled fish sandwich (check to see what's best each day) are always wonderful. To really splurge I go for the lobster roll there, tons of meaty lobster goodness.

              Walden does what it does quite well, and the throngs of kids there each night prove it, but I'm not sure I would call it CH worthy. I've been trying to teach them how to make pizza subs the way Johnny's Hot Truck makes them at Cornell, and they are getting closer each time (not there yet), ask them for one sometime and prepare for yumminess.