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Aug 21, 2007 10:59 AM

Delica RF clones?

I really like the fried items and salads (especially the wasabi potato salad!) at Delica RF in the Ferry Building.
But I live and work in Marin and it's an expensive hassle to go to the Ferry Building whenever I'm craving their food. Are there any other places in San Francisco where they have similar stuff? I don't mind going into the City but it would be nice to park someplace a little cheaper! Also, I don't know enough about Japanese food to know if Delica is unique or just an example of a particular food genre. Thanks!

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  1. The restaurant reminds me the most of the Hawaiian phenomenon of Japanese Delicatessens known as "Okazu-ya" Basically you go up and point and choose what you want - be it fried, stewed, salads, rice etc. I do not know of anything other than this restaurant on the mainland that is similar.

    Here are some pictures I took in Hawaii:

    1. Fujiya in Vancouver is similar (though it's also a grocery store), and there's a bit of this style in the expanded Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley -- though I think they have a Hawaiian connection, too. But the array at Delica RF is impressive, and the servers are really nice -- which is more than I can say for some of the vendors in the building. Anyway, you might try parking at Japan Center and exploring the area. --PR

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        Tokyo Fish Market in Berkeley

        Could you tell me a little bit more about this place?

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          It's been in the same location on San Pablo just north of Gilman (so reasonable freeway access) for years, but recently they renovated and expanded. Good fish selection and quality, good sake selection, small produce section, lots of stuff in cans and bottles (great furikake selection), and a freezer section. There's usually one or two choices of kasuzuke and I have gotten fresh wasabi here on occasion. They have a cooler display with prepared foods in plastic containers, and another display with stuff in bowls and on plates that they will put into plastic containers on request. If I lived in the area, it would be on my weekly shopping rotation, but as I don't, it is a required stop every time I visit. --PR

          Tokyo Fish Market
          1220 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA 94706

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              They had salmon only last time I was there. The other one they have they call "butterfish", which I don't think corresponds to gindara, though I could be wrong. --PR

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                I think butterfish is the same as gindara (aka black cod & sablefish).

      2. I hear that Delica does Japanese deli food the best around here. I've also heard from some Japanese friends that some of their fried items (like the croquettes) are even better than some they've had in Japan! I eat Japanese food frequently, but have never found an equal to Delica in the Bay Area. If anyone knows of one in the South Bay and/or the Peninsula, please share as well!

        1. There is a similar place opening on Irving near 19th. I don't remember the name, just that its opening in September. I saw it a couple of weeks ago on my way to check UnderDog. The owner is a woman that has a sort of Japanese Picnic food/takeaway catering company.

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            Hmmm, sounds promising! Keep us posted if you see it open!

          2. Super Mira, the Japanese market at Sutter and Buchanan, has good-looking sozai-style takeout. The Buchanan Mall is also a nice place to sit and eat takeout food, too.