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Aug 21, 2007 10:28 AM

The House or Slanted Door?

In less than 2 weeks, my boyfriend and I will begin our 8 day vacation in SF/Sonoma/Healdsburg! It is our first time to the area, so for the past few months I’ve spent countless hours on here and other sites researching every aspect of the trip. I’m so excited about all of my upcoming food adventures, and feeling very confident that I’ve chosen the best spots for us. However, one night I’ve double booked us because I can’t make a final decision. I really need to cancel one place this week, so I’m asking for your help.
I definitely want this meal to be Asian, as we have most other cuisines covered on other nights, so I’ve narrowed it down to The House and Slanted Door. I am so torn because I’ve read both good and bad reviews on Slanted Door, with many people saying that it is a MUST. I’ve read great reviews on The House, but it isn’t mentioned with much frequency (some posts have dated back over a year). We don’t really care about the view or the ambiance- we just want really good food. Please let me know your thoughts so I can wrap up my trip planning and feel good about my decision! Any input on what to order at either place is much appreciated as well.

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    We were just discussing what to order at SD the other day:

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    1. LOVE The House, definitely one of our favorite restaurants and reasonable prices. Sea Bass is the best.

      But, haven't tried SD because of mixed reviews and we have so much good cheap Viet around.

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        I think it's actually listed as the Black Cod otherwise known as sable fish. Consistency is virtually identical to the Sea Bass but it isn't endangered like the sea bass.

        It is absolutely the best. If I could have I would have ordered 3 of these just for me. :-)

      2. I've been to both and my favorite is the House. It's one of my favorite restaurants.
        As mentioned a lot, the salmon roll and the bass are great! I've also had a butter lettuce salad with blue cheese that is good. And they have an asparagus side dish that has is very sesame-y which I also liked.

        The settings are very different-- I know that's not a factor here.. The House is very small, no bar. SD is bigger and has a bar and scene.

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          I forgot to add that it's my go-to restaurant when I have visitors or want a for certain good meal. But I do know that some people rely on Slanted Door for that too. SD is good but I haven't found it particulary special.

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            Thanks you guys. I just canceled my Slanted Door reservation and I'm going to House! My mouth is already watering for the Sea Bass! I'll let you know how it is.....

        2. We recently made the same trip - lucky you.

          Never been to the House, but the Slanted Door is excellent. You can't go wrong there

          Just have to say as an aside that my wife and I agree that we had the best gourmet meal in our entire lives at Cyrus in Healdsburg. Chef's tasting menu with wine parings. Expensive, but incredible food & service.

          bon appitite

          1. I love The Slanted Door. The food is mighty expensive, but I've never been disappointed by anything I've had to eat (or drink) there. Great ambiance -- bustling but not too noisy, great view of the bay. (You said you don't care about that, but I just had to mention it, as it's so notable.) Never been to The House, so I can't compare, but if you have the money, TSD is a great place.