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Aug 21, 2007 10:13 AM

Ready Made Finger Foods for Housewarming?

I need some ready made finger foods for my housewarming party. No heating up required. Thinking about baked goods, cheeses (should I go to DiBruno's in CC or Italian Market?), crackers, bread, veggies, hummus, small sandwhiches etc. Where are good places to go?

Center City and South Philadelphia reccomendations especially welcome.

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  1. The DiBruno Bros in CC has a great selection of cheese, dips, spreads, etc. The one in the Italian Market is good, but you'd probably also have to hit the "pronto" store to get more than cheese.
    I would suggest Grocery at 13th and Chestnut... or, even Whole Foods. WF caters, so if you order in advance, I bet that would increase your options.

    1. Anthony's in the Italian market makes good panini that could easily be cut in quarters or sixths. Will Bitar's sell you hummus and such as a platter? Bet they would if you talked to them, they have one (or in our house 2) person combo platters as is. Didn't mention seafood - Saturnius I think you are vegetarian if I remember correctly - but Ippolitos will cook anything in the store - shrimp come to mind - and are usually fairly priced. They also have an assortment of salads that might be dip-able - everything from broccoli and mayonaise : ( to Japanese seaweed salad : ). Think you are warming your new south philly abode, so staying in the neighborhood might be cool. Have fun!

      1. Might be more work than you're looking for, but...My staple for easy entertaining is Bitar's, Claudio's and Sarcone's. Claudio's has some of the best pesto Ive had, that with Sarcone's bread is simply a treat, throw in a couple cheeses and olives from Claudio's and that base is covered. Bitar's has the hummus, baba, and tabouli as well as pita's and some great desserts. If you want sandwiches, also hit Sarcone's deli and get an assortment and either have them cut it or cut it yourself.
        PS. Congratulations on the new house

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          Claudio's pesto is amazing! and of course Sacrones and they have several vegetarian hoagies if you want to go that way!

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            Thank you guys so much, and yes I am a a vegetarian but there are a lot of options here. It will be delicious!

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              let us know what gems (or duds) you find!

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