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Aug 21, 2007 10:04 AM

Best early bird specials in Hilton Head ?

Go every year and go to Redfish, Alexander's, and MICHAEL ANTHONY'S for specials.
What other fish entrees places are we missing for specials ?
We also enjoy sea shack, boat house, and old fort.

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  1. I can't provide any useful recommendations (we'll be making our first trip to Hilton Head next month). However, while planning for our trip, I did stumble across the following website that lists restaurants with early bird specials:

    1. We're going down to HHI at the end of September, will be our first trip there as well, though I have relatives who go often. I've been researching it for weeks, and hope to add to some of the commentary when we get back.

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        Any must-visit places you have found during your research or recommendations from your relatives? We are also visiting in September and I have started hunting for restaurants with great reviews.

        So far I've narrowed it down to the following:
        - 211 Park
        - CQ’s
        - Michael Anthony’s (told to make reservations)
        - Old Fort Pub (told to ask to be seated with a view at the window in the upstairs room; she crab soup, key lime tort and chilled pineapple with candied ginger were all recommended; told to avoid crab cakes and vegetable salad)
        - Sage Room (fine dining, can cut filet w/ fork, reservations suggested)
        - Studio (reservations recommended)
        - Christine’s Go Go Café
        - Market Street Cafe (casual and inexpensive, great Greek food and pizzas)
        - Sea Shack on Pope Ave (some say best burger and local lunch, others say tourist trap)
        - Signe’s Bakery (heard slow, poor service but good food)

        1. re: chowmcd

          redfish. consistently good for years. otherwise it depends on what you like. you should be fairly lucky because most places are better off season.

      2. Hi, we're in HHI right now. I would suggest Marley's located at the Sea Pines gate. I've heard good things. Of course after 30 yrs... Hudson's is always an old reliable. They're not innovative or upscale, but a decent fish house. We were just there this evening and had great service (Beatrice) and the shrimp bisque was very good. The almond crusted grouper was good, but the sauce it came w/ was disappointing. The blackened hog snapper was interesting and the hushpuppies are always a great guilty pleasure. Decent wine list w/ fair prices. No frills but good local charm.