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Aug 21, 2007 09:44 AM

Dinner before concert at San Diego State

Living in the North County, I am unfamiliar with the restaurant scene near S.D State. Looking for something chowish, with friends flying in that day for the Wilco concert. Thanks in advance for any help.

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  1. I live in the college area and unfortunately most of the food is directed at the starving student crowd (overstuffed burritos and giant cheap pizzas). There is a good sushi place on El Cajon at 60th called Toshi which would be my number one recommendation based on food and locaation. If you are not up for sushi and want to stay casual, there's an little Italian deli called BMH ( which has great sandwiches and good pasta, but is an order-at-the-counter type of place and doesn't serve any alcohol. Antica Trattoria ( in La Mesa is a favorite on this board and is probably the best restaurant in the area, but it is a little bit of a drive from the stadium.

    1. sorry I am unfamilair with not sure what you mean 'chowish' but the Kensington area is great.. Kensington Grill and I believe its called La Boheme..something like that has opened just accross the street. also down Park blvd alot of options..these are not too far away...

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        I would also recommend both the Ken Grill or Blue Boheme. Both are very good. Boheme has good bar prices.

      2. San Diego Brewing Company on Friars where it turns into Mission Gorge (East of 15).
        10450 Mission Gorge Road Suite L San Diego 92120 (619) 284-2739

        They have a great Happy Hour M-F- all appetizers 1/2 off. We usually get the "sampler" of beers brewed there. When you leave, it's pretty much a straight shot to the Venue. (no more freeway)

        1. second Toshi Sushi. The closest place to SDSU that's any good. Also love Antica Trattoria, if you're up for a 5 minute drive.

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            and I 3rd Toshi - good sushi bar and the cooked food looked yummy too!

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              Thanks to all for the suggestions. We ended up at King's Fish House in Mission Valley. It was a safe choice, but a good one. The restaurant is owned by Santa Monica Seafood, and the fish is always perfect.