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Aug 21, 2007 09:31 AM

Good Italian

Any suggestion for nice/upscale Italian. A nice night out.....

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  1. Fiamma in Soho..Piano Due in midtown...(Del Posto for a major splurge)....L' many places....For a less formal environment try: Peasant in NoLita.....

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    1. There are so many good choices. What kind of food are you looking for -- italian-american, tuscan, roman, pizza/pasta, sicilian?

      Some suggestions: Beppe (great tuscan), otto (pizza/pasta, cheese, good wine by the glass), apizz

      1. My husband is into wine, so a great wine list is key. This will be a special night for us, so we would like a nice restaurant, not to be rushed.

        1. A voce is really terrific and I didn't feel rushed at all. I got wines by the glass and they had a nice selection of Italian wines -- at fairly reasonable prices.

          1. Sfoglia , L'Impero (new chef is a winner in my book).

            And I wouldn't travel for it but if on UES I have been having some nice meals alfresco at Per Lei. Good fresh pastas and very friendly staff. A good all around Summer spot.