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Aug 21, 2007 09:11 AM

What's the secret of slicing fresh mozzarella thin ?

With a sharp knife, I'm still cutting it waaay too thick.
Is it possible with just only a knife ?

Just watched a guy over at the counter do it with a deli slicer....sure wish I had one of those at home ;-)

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  1. You could try using a serrated knife.

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      I have a cheap "tomato" knife I once bought at a supermarket as an emergency purchase. It is a super thin, curved, serrated knife. For about $5, you can get such an item and you won't need to worry about getting peppermint flavor on the mozzarella from dental floss (which I think it's a little weird, since I never saw my Italian grandma slice mozzarella with dental floss). I do agree with chilling to make it more firm.

    2. I would try dental floss if the knife doesn't seem to work. I'm not sure how blasphemous this is, but I often put soft items like that in the freezer for a little so they're easy to slice. Works really well with bacon, flank steak for stir-fry, etc.

      1. Use a shape knife. Put it in the freezer 20-30 minutes before you want to slice it.

        1. I saw this in the William Sonoma catalog. Don't know if it works, or if it even slices thin enough:


          Actually, I find my boning knife does a nice job of slicing really thin.

          1. I wasn't sure if by slightly frezzing the mozza and then taking it out.....would it change the consistency of it.

            I do that al the time with meat though ;-)

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              It will most definitely change the texture. Fresh mozzarella shouldn't even be refrigerated. A boning knife or thin serrated blade should get the job done.

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                definitely DON'T put the cheese in the freezer! it'll destroy the texture & alter the taste. a serrated knife should work well if you don't have a wire cheese-cutter. or in a pinch, as roasted138 suggested above, dental floss would work [same premise as the wire cutter].

                but please, please don't put the cheese in the freezer :)